With an economy without foreign currency reserves and tied to the IMF by decision of the successive governments, exchange tension is felt again in the run-up to the PASO and after knowing new measures for the operation of financial exchange rates.

This Thursday the blue dollar shows a new rise of more than $10 and breaks a new nominal record by standing above $570.

The new escalation of the parallel occurs in a context of great weakness of the BCRA, which finds itself with negative reserves, in advance of the PASO and after learning of a new agreement with the IMF and the measures associated with it, such as the covert devaluation of Massa and the rates that generate higher inflation or the one that was known in the last hours when the National Securities Commission (CNV) announced new restrictions for the operation of financial exchange rates.

Given the economic situation and the crisis, the different candidates present their solutions. Next, a video with the 5 main economic proposals of Myriam Bregman and Nicolás del Caño:

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