Photo: Luis Javier M.

In December 2022, the National Police of Peru made a purchase of thousands of tear gas cartridges for a cost of USD 661,530. The supplier companies for this express purchase were the Army Arms and Ammunition Factory SAC – FAME SAC, attached to the Ministry of Defense of Peru and the Brazilian company Cóndor SA Industria Química, which was paid almost half a million dollars.

Apparently, the use of these supplies in the mobilizations against the coup government of Dina Boluarte was depleting the reserves of the PNP, for this reason, in record time they obtained financing from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and with the support of the Ministry of Defense. , moved 28,960 tear gas cartridges from Brazil, which were intended to increase the repression against the thousands of protesters who daily demand the departure of Boluarte.

For this purchase, the Brazilian government led by Lula Da Silva authorized a Hercules plane from the Peruvian Air Force to land in its territory to collect 9 tons of tear gas bombs that arrived in Lima on January 14 and are being used to suppress the demonstrations against Boluarte, a repression that up to now has cost 61 civilian deaths, more than a thousand wounded and hundreds of arrests.

Lula has not only facilitated the arrival of tons of tear gas bombs in Peru, but he also recognized and greeted the coup government of Dina Boluarte. Recently, at the CELAC (Latin American and Caribbean Community) summit, the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mauro Vieira, met with the Peruvian Foreign Minister Ana Cecilia Gervasi to “strengthen relations between the countries.” Vieira took the opportunity to propose a meeting between Lula and Boluarte in Belém, to deal with the Amazon and the new economic agreements.

Thus, it is evident that Lula does not care at all about the struggle of the thousands of peasants, impoverished workers and residents of the popular sectors of Peru, who day by day join the massive mobilizations against Dina Boluarte and who, from From these protest actions, they demand a Constituent Assembly that allows them to put an end to the political regime of 1993 and begin to change everything. Lula with his actions has put himself on the other side of the path.

Lula’s position is joined by Gabriel Boric and Alberto Fernández, who have recognized the coup government of Boluarte and have remained complicit in silence with the more than 60 deaths of civilians, the hundreds injured and detained due to police and military repression.

The position of these progressive governments in Latin America is in tune with the strategy that the United States has up to now and is to strengthen and support the coup government of Dina Boluarte. Thus, once again the mask of Latin American progressivism falls, which tends to fill its mouth with bombastic phraseology, but in key moments of the class struggle, such as those that are experienced today in Peru, they end up in columns behind sectors reactionaries.


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