The Argentine national team celebrates the chance to fight for a new title: with the victory against Canada earned the right to play in the final of the America Cup. Photo: diary The nation.

In a New Jersey stadium with the name of an insurance company that we here at this media allow ourselves to omit (What need is there to give free publicity to a mega corporation, right? Customs of soccer-business that do not need to be followed), the Argentine team secured – excuse the pun – a new final in this dazzling cycle led by Lionel Scaloni. Although the path to this decisive match that will be played in Miami (on Sunday 14 at 9 pm) was relatively easier for Argentina that for the finalist of the other key (Uruguay had to “clean up” Brazil in the semi-finals, a rival with whom he also had to face Colombia). the team’s thing white and blue He went through more of a self-recovery process: he had an erratic run through the quarter-finals in which he was outplayed by Ecuadorbut in this semi-final against Canada recovered its identity and football. And deservedly earned its place as a finalist.

With a solid performance from the defense, with Montiel and Tagliafico well coordinated and collaborating in the offensive moments and a Holiday Romero undaunted, with De Paul battling and essential for the changes of pace in the middle and an explosive Di María, with a Messi physically fit and mentally focused as in his best days and with a Julián Álvarez precise and tireless in pressing, was too much for a team like that of Canada which rarely finds itself in decisive instances. However, the red team had already shown in the opening match to be a neat team without any inferiority complex that goes out to play as an equal despite its limitations: in fact, during long passages of the match Canada had possession of the ball and tried to generate attacks, although it still suffers from a certain football immaturity and lack of forcefulness. But it is a team that is growing, which has already shown flashes of good football in Qatar 2022 and which was reaffirmed in this America Cup where it will be at least in fourth place and will fight for third place, a historic episode for Canada in this sport.

The goal from the relentless forward Julián Álvarez at 22 minutes into the first half gave peace of mind to the national team, which was able to ration its efforts, even at times taking refuge too far back, even more so after Messi scored 2-0 after a shot by Enzo Fernández in the second half. Although he did not have much work to do, the Back Martínez responded with great confidence each time he had to participate.

Now there is the last episode: the Scaloneta is 90 minutes away (plus any added time and extra time or penalties if no one takes the lead) from a new title in this cycle that is still writing pages of glory for Argentine football: it will be against Uruguay from Marcelo Bielsa or against Colombia by Néstor Lorenzo. Anyway, what we have left is to enjoy the high-flying football that the club continues to offer. light blue and white.


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