This Wednesday took place a new coordination meeting between various combative and fighting sectors. It was at the headquarters of Sutna, the Tire union. There they met referents and sectors of combative unionism, neighborhood assemblies, sectors of unemployed organizations, sectors of combative retirees, human rights organizations and left-wing parties among others.

The meeting took place on the same day that State workers carried out an important protest against the thousands of layoffs announced in the State in the last week. Also on the same day, The CGT Board of Directors met and their only resolution was another meeting. While the adjustment progresses, the Peronist union bureaucracy maintains a truce and tries to negotiate with the Milei Government. This negotiation reaches the point of offer to “agree on a labor reform”. That is, negotiate the delivery of rights for the working class, the agenda that the employers have been asking for.

Throughout the coordination meeting References from combative unionism, popular assemblies, sectors of retirees and sectors in struggle took the floor., among others. The GPS-Aerolíneas Argentinas workers and the state workers fighting against layoffs brought their proposals. Among others, the need to coordinate a great common action of the sectors in struggle. The proposed date is Friday, April 12. This proposal will be taken to the neighborhood assemblies and also to the base of the fighting and combative sectors.

At the same time, Progress was made in proposing the holding of a great Meeting of employed and unemployed workers, popular assemblies and all fighters, from all areas, of culture, of the student movement..

The proposed date is May 1st in Plaza de Mayo. The objective is for this meeting to be a point of support to promote all struggles, coordinate actions, and take initiatives to defeat the plan of attack on all workers by the Milei government. A completely different objective than that proposed by the CGT, which is trying to negotiate a labor reform with the Government.

It was precisely the CGT that spoke this Wednesday of a possible mobilization on May 1st. If this happens, the proposal is to hold the aforementioned Meeting on the previous Saturday, April 27.

In the text of the declaration agreed upon this Wednesday, it is stated, among other things, “we vindicate the great mobilizations of December 20, 2023, the banging of pots and pans, the massive mobilization during the strike on January 24 and the independent column, demanding a national strike and struggle plan, and the mobilizations against the Omnibus Law.”

Furthermore, it is stated that “we call this meeting to support and promote the struggles that are taking place against layoffs and for salaries and a national struggle plan to defeat the Milei plan and the adjustment of the governors. A new general strike and plan of struggle that we have been demanding from the bureaucracy of the CGT and CTA unions, which keeps the vast majority of labor organizations paralyzed despite the layoffs, the brutal adjustment, the destruction of pensions and of the entire anti-worker agenda that the government has been developing.”

For effectively defeat Milei’s plan, the IMF and the big employers, it is necessary for this plan of struggle to advance until the general strike. Only by putting the enormous strength of the entire working class in motion can a savage plan be stopped.

The Daily Left He was at the Sutna headquarters and spoke with several of the companions present.


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