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During the night of Tuesday and early Wednesday morning the Ministery of security of the Nation fenced the Congress and ordered the deployment of hundreds of federal repressive forces around it.

As in every massive mobilization that has occurred in the last six months, the intention of Freedom Advances and his minister Patricia Bullrich was to limit, intimidate and violently attack if it is considered “necessary” the enormous concentration of workers, retirees and young people who repudiate the attempt to consummate a new looting of the population through the Bases Law and the fiscal package for the benefit of large economic corporations.

As happened on previous occasions, the mega-operation was loaded with threatening gestures and maneuverswhere cordons of dozens of members of Gendarmerie, Prefecture, Federal police y PSA They move from one corner to another, they approach the columns of unions, social organizations, leftist parties and “loose” people with a clear intention to provoke a reaction that for them merits advancing with gases and sticks. Some of the uniformed men even made no secret of carrying firearms, which is illegal.

Throughout the morning and afternoon, the repressive forces sought to prevent (or at least hinder) the arrival of thousands and thousands of protesters to the Congress Square. In the room, the official bloc of senators and their “opposition” allies were exchanging explanations about the points of the bill. Base Law that they would resign in pursuit of obtaining the necessary votes for general approval of the “key” regulatory monstrosity for mercy, Caputo and company.

But Bullrich, once again (and they go…) failed. Her mega-operation ended up being a succession of eclectic movements of gendarmes, prefects and police. They even threw gas at those who were walking on the sidewalks and cut off several streets surrounding the area themselves. Congresssomething that is supposedly sought to be prevented with the ghostly “Public Order Protocol”.

And when the news channels (even the media-suckers of mercy) criticism began to rain due to the incomprehensibility of such a deployment, the uniformed men received crossed orders that led, around 2:00 p.m., to the bizarre “encounter” of a cordon of Gendarmerie with another of Federal police on the corner of Rivadavia and Callao, where they ended up being more the watchdogs of power than the mobilized workers. Something similar had happened hours before in Entre Ríos and Alsina.

The only thing he could hit Ministery of security He went to divide the massive concentration, getting between the columns and firing pepper spray at the more dispersed people or smaller groups. They even advanced on sectors in which there were deputies and opposition political leaders who had joined the demonstration. To the deputies of PTS-SEVEN Nicolás del Caño y Alejandro Vilca the Federal police directly to them wanted to prevent entry to Congress.

If the only objective was to distance part of the mobilized workers a few blocks beyond the Parliament, they didn’t even get thatsince the bulk of those who were intimidated by the repressive forces ended up returning to the Plaza through other streets.

The Bullrich’s impotence and his henchmen to stop the popular anger translates into a reactionary response with the federal forces at the forefront. The “protocol” is leaking wherever you look at it, but the Minister of Security does not give any warning and like any response to her own failure It only appeals to violence against those who democratically demand.

The thing is, as has been insisted from the beginning on this site, The brutal adjustment on the population can only “happen” with repression constant against those who go out to fight for their rights. A repression whose effectiveness is inversely proportional to the massiveness of the protests. That’s why, it becomes more and more urgent to fill the streets and marchimposing on the always accommodating union leaders a general strike and a plan of struggle until defeating the plans of Freedom Advances.


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