This Monday, state workers faced the second round of layoffs with which the Government began the month of July. In addition to being present supporting the mobilizations called by those who lost their jobs, the Frente de Izquierda Unidad presented a draft resolution in the Chamber of Deputies to repudiate the state cuts. Deputy Nicolás Del Caño denounced the seriousness of the case at the Posadas Hospital, which puts the health of hundreds of patients at risk and limits the right to access public health.

The case of the Posadas Hospital is worrying since it serves an area of ​​influence of around 6,000,000 inhabitants in the western area of ​​the Buenos Aires metropolitan area and receives referrals from all over the country as it is a National Reference Center for the treatment of pathologies that require high complexity. Despite this, on Friday, June 28, doctors, professionals of different complex specialties, nurses, technicians, and also administrative workers, were notified of their dismissals. In a completely illegal manner, even union delegates and leaders of CICOP, the Trade Union Association of Health Professionals of the Province of Buenos Aires, were fired.

In the draft resolution they claim that “The decision puts the care of millions of users at risk, leaving services on the verge of collapse. It is practically a dismantling of specific areas such as Physical Therapy, Emergencies, Pulmonology, Clinical Medicine, Kinesiology, Nursing, Molecular Biology applied to cancer treatment, Administration, Radiology, Hemotherapy, where excellent workers and professionals provide services that will not be able to continue serving the population.”

Unemployment is growing at an accelerated rate as a result of the adjustments applied by Milei and Caputo, directly through layoffs in the State and indirectly through the collapse of the economy. The crisis caused by the unpayable external debt and the accumulation of profits abroad by big business cannot be paid by the workers, which is why it is necessary to face the 2,000 new layoffs in the public sector and the hundreds of thousands of jobs lost in the private sector in recent months.


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