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This Friday, shortly before noon, a press conference was held called by almost all of the social organizations and picketers in the country. Among them those that make up the UTEP (MTE, Evita), Coordinator for Social Change, Front of Organizations in Struggle, Piquetero Struggle Front (Polo Obrero, MTR, MTL), MST-Teresa Vive, Libres del Sur, MAR, as well as organizations that make up the FeNaT –CTAA.

In the call statement they reaffirmed the unity of the different sectors to denounce the adjustment that the current government of Javier Milei has continued and deepened. “It is true that the problems faced by the poor in Argentina are not something that began with this government, but through devaluation and with an inflation of more than 50 percent in just 60 days, emergency situations occurred in the most of the popular neighborhoods of our country,” they denounced.

At the conference they harshly criticized the shortage of merchandise in the more than 40,000 soup kitchens, picnic areas and soup kitchens that Sandra Pettovello’s management is carrying out. It has been denounced with different actions throughout the country.

They also referred to the announcement to eliminate the Empower Work. “After having frozen income and not having paid the bonus, they have announced the end of the Empower Work program (although it is still not clear what they are going to do) and they announce that they are going to leave millions of workers without their salary who in At this moment they are working in the productive units and cooperatives of Argentina.

One of those who spoke was Damaris Rolón, FOL spokesperson, who referred to the adjustment to the soup kitchens but in particular to the women who are part of the “social accompaniment” programs.

From the Coordinator for Social Change they stated that “We are not going to allow our families and colleagues to die of hunger. “We are going to continue fighting in the streets and in the broadest unity.”

Silvia Saravia (Libres del Sur), Monica Sulle (MST-Teresa Vive), Alejandro Gramajo (UTEP) and Eduardo Beliboni (Polo Obrero) also spoke.

Beliboni, after the conference, referred to the mobilizations that social organizations plan to carry out jointly. “The entire arc of the piquetero movement responds to Minister Bullrich, to Pettovello, to Caputo, for the atrocity they are carrying out. The Empower Work Program, which was not the panacea, allowed work in each neighborhood. They also eliminated food” He said. He also sent a message to the CGT and the CTA.

Norma Morales, deputy secretary of UTEP, said that “we are going to reinforce the fight plan that we started last week in Capital Humano,” she announced.

In the case of Mónica Sulle, from the MST Teresa Vive, she referred to the situation of the canteens and the next measures they are discussing.

From the classist groups of the PTS they have been supporting the demand for food, not cuts in plans and work, denouncing the adjustment of Milei but also of the governors of different political colors. The path is the unity of the employed, the unemployed, students and neighborhood assemblies to support each struggle and impose on the CGT and the CTA an active general strike and a plan of struggle until the chainsaw plan is defeated. That will be one of the messages on the day of protest in front of Congress, which will begin at 5:30 p.m. with windmills and will continue later in the Plaza.


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