The UCR, which controls all the powers of the state and is preparing to increase the concentration of power, accuses the left, the only political space that opposes this totalitarian outpost. Besides An “institutional coup” is something that a state power can do to concentrate power as a whole. This The left could never do it, which will only have 3 parliamentarians in December, but rather, those who control the Executive Power today to make the Legislature an annex of the government in power, as is intended with this Reform.. But what it can do and is being carried out by the UCR, is this Constituent Assembly pretending to legislate on the form of legislative election, generating an automatic majority in the Legislature for whoever wins the governorship and reinforcing the incidence on the Judiciary that already responds fully to the Executive. At the same time, they restrict the right to vote, which will be exercised every 4 years.

The attacks on the left or opponents based on cuts or censorship are a serious fact that deserves all the repudiation.

On the other hand, here there has been a major political scam that they want to hide with these dirty campaigns. All these measures were hidden from the population and the electorate by the UCR. The limitation of the vote to 4 years and the automatic majority within the Legislature, was never raised before the elections. When Gerardo Morales assumed the presidency of the Convention, he began to put forward these “proposals” which, as he admitted, had not been discussed.. It is a serious fact act in bad faith against the people, is part of the violations of the duties of a public official.

This anti-democratic outpost in the Convention itself was already seen when the conventional Gastón Remy was censured in a Commission for demanding that it be public. also when The presidency of the Convention mistakenly distributed a text explaining to the UCR Convention members how to prevent the FITU Convention members from intervening in different issues.

It is a systematic policy of the UCR to silence the left, which is the one who denounces all this advance against democratic liberties promoted by radicalisma party that in its youth, fought for the right to vote against the conservatives and today, in its decline, seeks to limit the right to vote and the freedoms of the people as much as possible, being allies of one of the most conservative sectors of politics national.

We will continue fighting so that this Reform is not imposed, since it takes away the most basic rights from the people. We promote the broadest unity to face the Reform and impose a Constituent Assembly, but one that is truly free and sovereign, where the true problems of the people can be discussed and resolved.: nationalize lithium under the management of workers and communities; establish that the salary cannot be below the family basket and be adjusted for inflation; to nationalize under the control of the workers the service companies that in private hands punish the people with tariffs; put an end to precarious and temporary work, among other things. An assembly of this type will never be called by this anti-democratic regime, but will be won with the broadest mobilization of the working class and the people.

The undersigned repudiate the attack on the Conventionalist Natalia Morales by the UCR bloc

With a cropped video, they promote a dirty but also totally implausible campaign, accusing Natalia Morales of promoting “an institutional coup”. Simply by looking at the following seconds of the video that the UCR published cut off, it can be seen that Natalia Morales is warning about what can happen if this Constituent Assembly decides to take away the right to vote every two years and subordinates the Legislative Power to the Judiciary. This is what she is doing radicalism, along with attacking the right to protest.

This Convention could not be more scandalous. The governor was president of the Convention for only a few hours, but it was enough for him to present his proposal to limit the vote of the entire population, taking away the right to vote every two years. Then the radicals introduced the “proposal” that whoever wins the Governorship will have an automatic majority in the Legislature. This is what has been denounced: the sum of public power.

It is an extremely serious event for which they want to vote, but it is also a scam against the people since since the Convention was called and in the electoral campaign, radicalism has never suggested that it was going to do this. The people were deceived with absolute bad faith to impose a more undemocratic, totalitarian and police regime.

We face this attempt, we denounce the deception and the scam that is being done to the people and we denounce this dirty campaign against Natalia Morales, which has no other objective than to facilitate the implementation of attacks against the people by the UCR since the Convention .

first signatures

Coordinator against Institutional Violence—DD.HH. Jujuy / Jujuy Regional Permanent Assembly for Human Rights (APDH) / Mothers and Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared of Jujuy / Mothers and Relatives of the Detained / Disappeared of the Ledesma Department / Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared of Calilegua / Relatives and Former Detainees of State Terrorism / CAPOMA-DDHH (Olga Marques de Aredes Popular Action Center).

ANDHES / HIJOS Jujuy / CEPRODH – Center of Professionals for Human Rights / Self-convened United Journalists of Jujuy (PUAJ) / Radio Pueblo

Academic Area of ​​Gender and Human Rights FHyCS-UNJu / Interdisciplinary Area of ​​Women and Gender Studies FHyCS-UNJu / Research Unit for Action and Reflection on Sexual Dissent (GUERPARDXS) FHyCS-UNJu / Juanita Moro / ATE Grouping green and white / CTA. TT (Central of workers and workers of Argentina) / MUNICIPAL / CEDEMS / Conventional of the Left Front / Alejandro Vilca, Gaston Remy, Keila Zequeiros PTS FIT / Sebastian Copello PO / FIT, Gloria Zambrano MST / FIT / Julio Mamani Councilor Palpalá PTS FIT / Betina Rivero Councilor Palpalá MST FIT / PTS FIT / PO FIT / Socialist Left FIT / MST FIT / Workers Politics / Liliana Condori president Psol Jujuy / PCR – PTP / Tupac Amaru Neighborhood Organization / Néstor Martiarena, CF inspector Jujuy / Federal Commitment Party Jujuy / MILES Party / MNCI-VC (NATIONAL INDIGENOUS PEASANT MOVEMENT – VIA CAMPESINA) / Pluricultural Community Movement – MCP / Avoid Movement / Worker’s Pole Trend / Worker’s Pole / CUBA MTR – PRML / Freemen of the South / Rebel MTL / MTR APRIL 12TH.

FOL – Organizations in Struggle / National Piquetero Bloc: T.Or.Re / Arming a conscience / CTA Neighborhood Front / FPDS – CP / Agustín Tosco Territorial Movement / National Multisectoral Front 21F / Alameda Jujuy / FOB / 22 de Agosto Front / CPS MAY 29 / MTDS fathers in solidarity / Popular Rebellion Movement / Piquetero Party / Darío Santillán Popular Front / MTL / Nuestraamerica Popular Movement Jujuy / AJI 20 ATD / MTR VL FOR SOCIAL CHANGE / Social organization November 17 Jujuy / OS AWQAY—CTAT Jujuy / OLP TO RESIST AND FIGHT / AFAAJ street vendors and fairgrounds / Assembly of Neighbors FOB / CCC / Movement of Excluded Workers – MTE / Gustavo Cruz, El Malón Vive – Organization of indigenous professionals / Luis Paz / Ariadna Tabera.


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