The primary teaching grouped in Adepfulfilled this Friday his fifth week of unemployment. The measure has been supported by the rank and file combativeness and for a important activism that maintains a permanence in the Ministry of Education, as part of the fighting measures. This weekend there will be cultural activities to give continuity to the measure.

On Monday a Technical Table is convened to discuss with the Government. In the last meetings, the educational portfolio did not make new clear offers and threatened discounts again. Despite these squeezes, teaching remains firm: shows that there is strength to tear down the Reform and conquer the salary increases that the sector demands.

The march this Friday was accompanied by the Assembly of the people, workers, communities, students and human rights against the Reforman instance formed a few days ago, which raises the need to unite all sectors in struggle, by calling a Great Provincial Assembly of workers and native communities. This is linked to the need to fight for a provincial strike until the reform falls. The Assembly against the Reform prepares a new general meeting for the Wednesday July 12, instead of confirming. It is essential to strengthen this grouping.

The teacher mobilization was also accompanied by the militancy and referents of the PTS-Left Frontthe only organization that was present to accompany the teaching march.

The strength to fight was seen, too, earlier. It was in the mobilization of the workers of Obras Sanitarias de Jujuy, who are starring in a 4-day strike and marched in the center of San Salvador. At night, the demands of the educational community were also seen in the streets of san pedro. There, hundreds of people took to the streets to say NO to Morales’s reform and continue fighting his salary claim.

The strength of roadblocks

Esa readiness to fight is very evident inside. There, the teaching maintains close ties with the native communities and openly raises the struggle to bring down the Reform. At the same time, the need to unite with other sectors to wage this fight is also publicly raised. In Humahuacathe Adep teaching assembly voted a mandate that is an example to follow.

That willingness to fight was seen again in the 12 roadblocks that were maintained at strategic points in the province throughout the day. The original communities continue to demonstrate an enormous will to fight to confront and tear down the reform of Morales and the PJ. At the same time, they claim the end of political persecution by the government. In particular, they demand an end to all the causes created from the protests that have been taking place in recent weeks.

The cuts were total at various points on Route 9, such as Purmamarca, Tilcara, Abra Pampa, Humahuaca and La Quiaca. In this way, normal transit to both Chile and Bolivia is hindered. Besides, there were cuts in Coránzuli and at the entrance to Cauchari. The latter is located near the entrance to the Exar and Sales de Jujuy mining companies. It also maintains the cut of susqueswhere the passage of vehicles was allowed every 6 hours.

An attempt to intimidate that has been failing

This same Friday, in a recorded message that was an electoral spot, the governor once again threatened those who cut off routes and go out to complain. Although he once again said that the teacher’s claim was “fair”, in fact he was threatening those who continue to reject the Reform voted for by radicals and Peronists.

Shortly after Larreta’s vice candidate’s message was broadcast, the national deputy Alejandro Vilca (PTS-FITU) came out to answer him. Among other things, he pointed out that “with a good face, after repressing the people, with demonstrators who lost an eye, with cases of torture and illegal raids, Morales wants to tell us about his achievements. But, the truth is that the “achievements of Morales” are having the lowest salaries in the country.” In addition, he indicated that there “a people stood up and repudiates you governor and your PJ partners. They will not be able to with the people. A provincial strike is necessary until the Reform falls.”

The important mobilization in the streets of San Salvador and the continuity of the cuts show that this attempt to intimidate is not achieving the effect desired by the political power. Morales’ threats only generate more anger.

There are forces to defeat the reform. You have to unite them. The unions have to continue or resume strikes and fight plans until the reform is overthrown. It is urgent a Provincial strike to tear down the repudiated Constitution who swore, between bullets and gases, peronists and radicals.


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