Furthermore, the Government refuses to approve the signed agreement. Another attack on the pockets of workers. The measure was called by the leadership of the UTA, headed by bureaucrat Roberto Fern√°ndez.

As reported by the X City of Bondis account, the following will retain tasks: 1-2-4-10-12-15-17-19-22-29-32-33-34-37-39-41-42 -45-46-47-49-53-55-59-60-61-62-63-64-65-67-68-70-71-75-78-86-87-88-90-92-93 -95-96-97-102-103-105-109-110-111-113-114-118-119-123-124-126-127-128-129-133-136-140-143-145-148 -151-152-153-154-158-159-160-163-166-169-172-174-176-178-179-180-181-182-184-185-193-194-195.


World of workers / UTA / Bus stoppage

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