The Dutch crypto platform Coinmerce underlines its commitment to the popular padel by sponsoring the Dutch padel champion Sten Richters, former Grand Slam player Rosalie van der Hoek and the promising Jorrit Notenboom. Coinmerce currently also sponsors Steffie Weterings, the Dutch number 1 women’s player. In this way we combine all forces within padel and ensure that we reach the world top together with the Dutch top players.

At 24 years old, he is still relatively young, but Sten Richters is already storming the padel courts with his talent and technique. He knows better than anyone that you can reach the top through hard work and good cooperation. Coinmerce shares this passion and is therefore happy to join him on the track. As an official partner, Coinmerce will show off on the uniforms, on the track at home and abroad.

Richters is part of Team X3. Within this team we also see the same passion and ambition in top players Rosalie van der Hoek and Jorrit Notenboom. While Van der Hoek (29) was successful in tennis for years, she switched to padel last year, and with success: she is now number 3 among the Dutch women and she is following our Steffie. She has already played several Premier Padel tournaments and is well on her way to the top. Top talent Notenboom is already very successful in padel at his young age (21) and now ranks in the Dutch top 10. With these three top players, Coinmerce will regularly be seen on stage at the padel court.

Coinmerce has also been sponsoring PadelPark 21 for years. The company’s own employees can also regularly be found on the court here. The passion for padel is great and the ambition to grow in it is even greater. That is why they like to support the top players in the Netherlands and the promising talent to make padel even bigger, not only within our own country but also abroad.


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