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“If there is no bread, let there be a circus.” That seems to be the maxim that guides all Milei’s actions and her government at this moment, something that became clear again on Wednesday night at Luna Park. An extremely bizarre show that, despite the efforts of the organization that set up buses to transport people and distributed tickets for free, He was unable to fill the stadium, which has a capacity of eight thousand people.

With several clearings in the stands and a field where you could walk quietly thanks to the free space there was, Milei came out around 9:15 p.m. to sing. Panic Showthe famous theme of La Renga for which the band crossed it on more than one occasion. “I made this done because I wanted to sing.”, he said as he walked out on stage before indulging. The whims From the president they not only demanded a significant amount of money in the organization of the event, which is not very clear how it was financed, but also an important security operation with a large number of members of the City Police deployed by Jorge Macri. For some things it seems that there is money…

After his frustrated rockstar moment, Milei began his speech by thanking those who were present at what he called “the freedom party” and especially Federico Sturzenegger, and then give way to the presentation of his book. Over the course of an hour, he combined incoherent and disconnected allusions to different economic authors that he usually claims, amid new allegations of plagiarism. All of this combined with self-praise and all sorts of exaggerations of what he considers his “achievement.” But this type of overvaluation of his activity, and even of his person, They are the other side of the current moment that the libertarian government is going through, which with each step it takes reveals the enormous fragility that characterizes it.. Without going any further, a few hours before the event this became clear again when The plenary session of Senate committees once again left it without an opinion for the Bases Law after completing the third week of discussion without progress

In the middle of his speech, boring and monotonous for most of the time except for a few harangues, several of his followers began to leave. But if the call was not what was expected, the reproduction of the speech via streaming and TV was not very different. On the official channel there were barely more than 12 thousand users connected simultaneously and the open TV news signals stopped showing it in their transmission. Just a small sample of the little enthusiasm generated by the presidential speech, which presented the move as something historic and ended up exposing that the enthusiasm of those who flattered him months ago is no longer the same.

However, the most important thing has to do with the enormous distance from the reality that Milei and his officials live with respect to the vast majority of the population who are the ones who today pay for the adjustment and the consequences of their measures. The staging was not only bizarre for its content but also for its context, with an increasingly deep economic crisis, poverty that is on the verge of 50%, a recession that deepens and layoffs that begin to grow as one of the main consequences. How will the whims and whims of the president fall in the province of Misiones, which today had marches in Posadas and other cities and even the takeover of the Ministry of Health by the rebellion of teachers, nurses, state workers and other sectors of workers? To make matters worse, this Thursday the 23rd he will have to face the teaching strike throughout the country who have been exposing the destitute salaries they charge in most provinces in addition to complaints about the lack of budget and the terrible structural conditions that the entire educational system is experiencing.

The pathetic show of Milei and her clowns, with her sidekicks Adorni and Espert at her side, fails to disguise the increasing difficulties she faces as the crisis progresses. There are those who read and those who intentionally seek to transform the presentation at Luna Park as an act of consolidation and strength in the midst of adjustment. But the reality is different and shows the opposite: The more they try to magnify their “achievements” and highlight what they consider “virtues”, it is because the contradictions that lie ahead are greater.


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