In a stunning announcement, Circle, the issuer of the stablecoin USDC, has confirmed a strategic partnership with Overdare, a joint venture founded by South Korean gaming and metaverse giants Krafton and Naver Z Corporation.

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the integration of financial technologies into the gaming and metaverse worlds, with the aim of dramatically transforming both the way game developers are rewarded and the user experience.

Deploying programmable wallets from Circle

Through this alliance, Overdare will deploy Circle’s advanced programmable wallets, making it possible for users to receive instant payments in USDC. This development goes beyond just facilitating payments; it also has the potential to revolutionize intellectual property and revenue management for content creators. By leveraging Circle’s technology, Overdare will facilitate intellectual property trading and enable instant payouts in USDC, opening the door to new revenue models for creators.

Circle’s CEO Jeremy Allaire has expressed his excitement about the partnership, which he sees as a crucial step toward shaping the future of digital entertainment and fostering an innovative Web3 environment. The integration of Circle’s financial technologies within Overdare’s platform promises to transform the way content is created, shared and monetized in the gaming and metaverse sectors.

Unique gaming experience via Overdare

Inspired by the popular gaming platform Roblox, Overdare plans to leverage Unreal Engine 5 to develop AI-driven creation tools. These tools will allow players to design and build their own unique gaming experiences within the metaverse. The platform operates a ‘Create-to-Earn’ model, which allows players to monetize by creating digital assets and trading them as NFTs on Overdare’s virtual marketplace.

Furthermore, Overdare’s Cosmos-based Layer-1 blockchain, Settlus, will be integrated to facilitate in-game transactions and support an efficient licensing process for interactive content. This technology enables creators to unlock new revenue streams and contributes to a streamlined and secure trading environment within the platform.

Promising to launch later in 2024, Overdare aims to revolutionize the mobile gaming world through this partnership with Circle. This partnership promises to change not only the way games are played and developed, but also how creative efforts within the digital world are rewarded and valued.


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