The new game Chronoshot, developed by RFLXT, has reached a major milestone by being added to the Epic Games Store wishlist, marking a crucial step for both the game and the underlying Cardano blockchain technology.

Wat is Chronoshot?

Chronoshot is a sci-fi shooter with a unique game mechanic where time only moves when the player moves. This tactical approach makes for a refreshing gaming experience. The game is now available in early access on the Epic Games Store, one of the leading digital distribution platforms.

In an effort to engage a wider audience, RFLXT has decided to launch an open beta for Chronoshot, instead of the traditional closed beta. This will give the community a chance to participate and provide direct feedback, which is essential for refining the game. The beta for the platform, along with other Cardano partner games, is expected to be available by the end of the summer, with demonstrations planned during the RareEvo event.

Using Cardano’s blockchain

Chronoshot leverages the Cardano blockchain to offer dynamic non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that introduce unique character leveling mechanics. These NFTs are accessible to all players and do not provide a competitive advantage, helping to maintain balance in the game. This aspect is designed to appeal to both blockchain enthusiasts and traditional gamers. While no external wallet is required to play, players can link one if they wish.

Chronoshot’s early access version will feature two single-player modes: Time Attack and Survival, both with leaderboards. There are plans to introduce a multiplayer mode shortly after the early access launch, which will be further developed based on user feedback. While a full release date has yet to be confirmed, the developers are aiming for a full launch in late 2024. Chronoshot will remain free-to-play, with optional cosmetic items available for purchase.

Chronoshot’s addition to the Epic Games Store wishlist highlights the game’s innovative gameplay mechanics and blockchain integration, demonstrating the potential for Cardano-backed games to appeal to a broad audience. With its focus on community-driven development and seamless blockchain functionality, Chronoshot is poised to make a lasting impact in the gaming industry.


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