The national deputy of the FITU-PTS participated in the Social Action and Public Health Commission where he accompanied the request for interpellation of Sandra Pettovello. “It is still not understood why a part of the blocks prevented Minister Pettovello from going to the plenary session to respond. The reasons for her going are clear, she has lied about the food that she is in charge of.”

This Wednesday took place the Commission for Social Action and Public Health in Deputies. There, the deputy Christian Castillo, referred to the role and responsibilities of Minister Petovello in the scandal over withheld food that involves Human Capital. “I come as co-author of the project presented by Nicolás Del Caño also asking for interpellation in the plenary,” she said.

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And he added that the minister also “has to respond for some somewhat peculiar situations” in relation to the dismissal and accusations against Pablo de la Torre, Petovello’s second.

In relation to the layoffs of public employees He said “the government justified that the state was oversized and from that point on it cruelly fired workers, many of whom worked in a precarious manner. He did not do an audit… depending on the type of contract he fired and even permanent workers… Now we find out that there are actually two possible situations, that the government appointed other people under a device. It uses OEI contracts to pay bonuses, that is, to do something illegal.

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Castillo continued to highlight that this fiscal adjustment plan with the paralysis of public works leads to a lack of maintenance on roads, railways and even the suspension of medications such as oncology medications, causing the death of patients.

About him scandal over the millions of kilos of food withheld Since they took office, he stressed that the minister “has to explain the Conin thing, what sense does it make? Let’s say we have seen everything on television or we have been informed. The absolute discretion of the distribution, there are provinces that assign 20 times what others.” They gave the province of Buenos Aires nothing, in this regard he said that it is “discrimination but monstrous.”

While poverty increases, food was still held in warehouses without being distributed. Finally the deputy returned to reinforce the need to question the Minister of Human Capitalso that they can explain these very serious events before Congress.

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