The national deputy participated in Crónica TV programming and denounced the attack on working people implied by the Omnibus law project and warned about the loss of social support for the Government.

Christian Castillo, national deputy for the PTS in the Frente de Izquierda Unidad, participated in the programming of Crónica TV and denounced the attack on the working class that the Omnibus law project implies.

The national deputy explained that “for now there is a general approval of the Omnibus law, on Tuesday we began the debate on the law in particular and we will see if the Government achieves the agreements that allowed it general approval.”

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Castillo denounced that “this is a negative law for working people, it can be summarized in the delegated powers, which is to give the president the ability to act in aspects that should be legislative, constitutionally the president cannot legislate; Milei already demonstrated with the DNU (without having the delegated powers approved) how it plans to use those powers with a delegated decree, and also the content of what it wants to do, it wants to obtain labor rights, privatize public companies, auction off natural common goods, deliver more negotiated to corporations friends”.

Deputy Castillo warned what happened to the privatizations of the nineties that Milei admires. “When they privatized Aerolíneas, first it was Iberia and it ended up bankrupt without planes, then Marsans gave it to them, it continued to get worse and the State had to rescue it from bankruptcy and disappearance; With the trains, privatization did not go well, we went from 35,000 to 7,000 kilometers of railways, entire towns were left without connection and we ended up with the Once massacre,” Castillo added.

When asked by the journalist about whether or not the left managed to capitalize on social discontent, the national representative responded that “social mood varies and if at one moment the discontent is excited about the right-wing flag, it is already becoming disillusioned because when one See the opinion studies 50 days after the government has reversed what it supports and does not support in the runoff. All the surveys that ask if this is the correct economic direction already 55% are against, that is, there is already a majority social against this government, not in favor.

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