Facade of the Chopard store on Place Vendôme in Paris.
Photo: Willy Delvalle

The jewelry presented by the Saudi monarchy to former first lady Michelle Bolsonaro cost more than 16 million reais because, among them, there are rare and even unique pieces. The information was obtained by DCM directly at Chopard stores, the German-Swiss jewelry brand, in Paris.

DCM went to the main one of the three jewelery establishments in the French capital. Located in Vendôme square, frequented by Saudi millionaires, the place is in the most luxurious neighborhood of the city, close to the Élysée and the US Embassy.

After passing the security barriers, we showed our haste and interest in the jewelry to Michelle, whose images we showed to the salesperson who welcomed us. “Who is the jewel for?” she asked her. She first invited us to tour the store, starting with the men’s jewelry space, the first headquarters of the French branch. It is clear that this type of purchase is not for the hasty.

Luxury watch, necklace and earrings sold at a Chopard store in Paris.
Photo: Willy Delvalle

On the wooden walls of the historic room, with a clock from the time of Louis XIV, we do not see Bolsonaro’s case, nor the horse-shaped jewel that appears in one of the seized images.

The jewels on display are part of a batch of approximately 4,000 units manufactured per year at the plant located in Germany. According to the seller, the small amount is justified by the artisanal work.

In the women’s space, you can see wedding rings and watches studded with diamonds. We asked about the watch given to Michelle and the salesperson showed us a similar model, worth 500,000 euros (around 3 million reais).

Jewelry for sale at a Chopard store visited by DCM.
Photo: Willy Delvalle

The necklaces displayed in the shop windows are thin, different from the heavy character of the item intended for the former first lady. We asked about him. “It’s a unique piece”, immediately points out the saleswoman. This type of item is not displayed in “common” spaces, open to the public. The word “open” clashes, of course, with the security scheme at the entrance.

Jewels like the one intended for Michelle are displayed in a private room, which the saleswoman shows us from the outside for a few moments. We are not allowed to enter the place, but we can see it through the half-open door. A white room, specially heated, with a separate employee. To enter this place, you need to reserve it.

Jewelry with sapphire and diamonds sold at a Chopard store. In the background, in the half-open door, the reserved room. Photo: Willy Delvalle

One hypothesis, therefore, is that Michelle’s necklace was purchased under these conditions, in one of the seven Chopard stores in Saudi Arabia, probably by an emissary of the monarchy.

In this case, it is a great commitment not only for the financial value, but also symbolic, given the investment of time in reserving the space and choosing the jewel.

The second hypothesis to understand the circumstances of the purchase of jewelry by the Saudi royalty to the Bolsonaros comes from a second visit by our report to Chopard stores, this time at Galerie Lafayette, an emblematic Parisian shopping mall.

At the Chopard store, we show the case given to Bolsonaro, with a watch, a pen and other items that the salesperson does not recognize. “These are exceptional pieces, they could have been made to order”, she believes. She told us that if we can’t find it in the main store, we won’t find it anywhere.

In the case of a customer who wants unique pieces, his request is addressed to the creators, who conceive the exclusive pieces in Geneva, Switzerland, the company’s headquarters. The necklace for Michelle, the horse and the case for Jair could fit into such an order.

In fact, no case like the one received by Bolsonaro appears for sale in the windows of the stores we visited. In the main store, the saleswoman completely finds the jewelry in the form of animals strange, reinforcing the thesis of a special series.

The fact that we found almost no item identical to the jewelry of the Bolsonaros reinforces its exceptionality, its value and the idea that its purchase was particularly motivated by the Saudi monarchy, which wanted to make exclusive treats on a world scale. It remains to be seen the reasons for such commitment and so much appreciation. As well as the origin of the ores.

Nothing is more symbolic than presenting the Bolsonaros with exclusive ores.

Jewelry sent by Saudi Arabia would be a gift for former first lady Michelle Bolsonaro. Photo: reproduction

Source: https://www.diariodocentrodomundo.com.br/joias-para-bolsonaros-sao-exclusivas/

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