In China, CRRC announced the development of a new train model, the CENTROVO 1.0, which uses carbon fiber in its construction.

This material is not only lighter than steel, traditionally used in the manufacture of trains, but also offers greater resistance to compression, tension and shear.

According to the Xinhua news agency, the use of carbon fiber allows the train’s body to be 25% lighter, while the bogies — the structure that supports the axles and wheels — are 50% lighter than conventional models. As a result, the total mass of the train is reduced by 11%.

This weight reduction not only improves the energy efficiency of the trains, resulting in a saving of around 7% in energy required for traction, but also contributes to reducing pollutant emissions.

Additionally, the increased durability of carbon fiber suggests that trains could have a longer service life with less need for frequent maintenance.


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