The PTS deputy in Frente de Izquierda Unidad, Christian Castillo, spoke during the plenary session of commissions in rejection of the opinion on the Omnibus Law. “The population is seeing who are the ones who allow Milei to act as monarch,” he said. He watches the video.

The UBA teacher and Leftist deputy, Christian Castillo, took the floor to denounce the authoritarian and anti-popular plans of Javier Milei and pointed out the collaborationist deputies.

“The population is seeing who are the ones who allow Milei to act as monarch,” he said in reference to the deputies of the PRO, UCR, the Pichetto bloc and the bloc allied to Sergio Massa.

In turn, he gave a history class to Javier Milei, putting on the table the most progressive aspects of the figure of Alberdi, who condemned the chains of foreign debt; placing him at the antipodes of the president’s thinking.

He also warned that the government intends to quickly try and vote on this law, because its image is declining day by day. “Those who go shopping at the supermarket are not asked if they voted for Milei, Massa or Myriam Bregman,” he ironically commented on the inflation that ran even further in the first month of La Libertad Avanza’s government.

On the other hand and once again, it was defined by socialism. And he encouraged the strike and mobilization on Wednesday, and highlighted the need to develop a fight plan until the DNU, the omnibus law and Patricia Bullrich’s anti-protest protocol fall. “Working people are going to defend the right to mobilize and confront this chainsaw plan,” she said.

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