Cardano is currently at a crucial point, with the $0.58 price level serving as a solid support for the price. In the past week, ADA has found support at this level several times.

Now that the price is showing some stabilization, some analysts expect a big price increase that could break the $0.63 resistance level.

Why the $0.58 price level is important

Maintaining the price above the $0.58 support line is so important because this level acts as a psychological and technical indicator of market strength. If the price remains above this line, it is seen as a sign of confidence and stability in Cardano, which may encourage investors to maintain or even add to their positions. This in turn can increase demand and push the price further up.

On the other hand, if the price falls below this support line, it can be interpreted as a sign of weakness. It could lead to a sell-off among investors looking to limit their losses, causing the price to fall further. This scenario would strengthen the “bears” (sellers) in the market and could cause a downward trend.

Crucial development phase promises growth for Cardano

Several key factors are behind a possible Cardano price increase, experts say. The development team of this digital currency is finalizing their development roadmap. The completion of the Voltaire phase, expected this year, would represent an important step forward for Cardano.

This final phase aims to completely decentralize the network, putting control in the hands of the community. This will not only promote development and innovation by users of the ADA network, but could also significantly accelerate Cardano’s growth and adoption. A fully decentralized network is more attractive to developers and users, paving the way for further expansion and adoption.

DeFi use is growing

There is more positive news to report: Decentralized Finance (DeFi) activity on the Cardano network has seen significant growth. In the last quarter of last year, the use of decentralized applications, expressed in Total Value Locked (TVL), saw an impressive increase of 166% compared to the third quarter of 2023. This growth indicates a favorable trend for future price development from ADA.

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