On Friday night, at a press conference, the Minister of Economy Luis Caputo announced modifications to the package of laws that make up the Omnibus Law. The official announced that the tax point was being withdrawn. Among other aspects, this implies removing withholdings.

This demand had been raised by the large employers, both agribusiness and industrial. It was, in fact, one of the points that hindered the advancement of the law, given the objections that were raised from the provinces.

Caputo’s announcement implies give in to that pressure from the big employers. If the standard is approved with these modifications, large cereal companies such as Cargill or Bunge. The large rural employers grouped in the Rural Society and other similar organizations also win.

Those who They are going to lose if this is approved are the workers and the poor people; son retired men and women; the most humble in the country. Caputo’s announcements imply an attempt to further narrow the public spending, liquefied by inflation.

However, at the same time, This decision is a symptom of the political crisis that opened it to the Government with the attempt to approve the Omnibus Law. It was shown that the attempt to advance unilaterally collided with multiple limits.

More than ever it is raised reinforce the preparation of the mobilization to confront and defeat this law, which is part of a fierce adjustment package that includes the mega DNU and the repressive protocol. It is essential to prepare the mobilization for Tuesday or the day the Law is discussed in Deputies. At the same time, it is necessary to once again demand that the CGT and the CTA call for a new national strike to defeat the adjustment.

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