Strong rains were registered during the early hours and the morning of this Thursday in different neighborhoods of the City and the AMBAwhich quickly began to flood due to the lack of works and investment in infrastructure by the city and provincial governments. the storm affected schoolsnothing new in the City of Buenos Aires under the government of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

Consequently, the storm and the lack of urbanization leave hundreds of families under water, schools are not exempt from this problem. Federico Puy, a primary school teacher and Ademys Press Secretary, sent his complaint to this medium with shocking images.

In its networks, Puy shows the state of the schools in the CABA. The images belong to the 9 DE 19, Normal 5 school. The question asked by the educational community is: “Will the same thing happen in the office of Minister Soledad Acuña?”. Faced with the lack of investment by the state, the inevitable solidarity between families and teachers arises, who shoulder the daunting task of providing momentary and urgent solutions to these situations. which they are obliged to go through, since they do not invest in infrastructure.

The educational community is organized and send their repudiation, through this medium, to the structural problem that is produced by the lack of public policies. While it is decided to continue benefiting the IMF, “why is that money not invested in public education?”is what they ask.

Send your complaint and also your repudiation, to this medium, for structural problems that occur due to the lack of public policies.


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