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As reported The Daily Left in mid-April the Government of Javier Mileythrough the Ministry of Security, sent a battery of bills to the Chamber of Deputies with which it seeks to reinforce the control social and the repression in the midst of the socioeconomic crisis that is deepening with its policies. At the same time, it seeks to give more impunity to police, gendarmes and prefects who kill or torture. All with the excuse of fighting “organized crime”which ironically is protected and guarded, through multiple means, by the national, provincial and municipal State itself.

“We want to warn about something very dangerous that is being discussed in Deputies and going unnoticed, despite its seriousness. Patricia Bullrich “He is promoting a horrible package of laws and it has already begun to be discussed in committee,” he tweeted this Saturday. Myriam Bregmandeputy of PTS in it Left Front Unity who was present at the two meetings that were already held of the commissions of Criminal Legislation and of Home Security of the lower house. The first was on April 24, the second on May 8 and the third will be this Wednesday. Here you can see Bregman’s intervention in the first of those meetings.

The projects proposed by Freedom Advances (which bear the signatures of mercy, Bullrich, Nicolas Posse y Mariano Cúneo Libarona) are part of the hyperrepressive policy undertaken since December 10, with changes in the “protocols” to address social protest in the streets and the radicalization of a punitivist and prison discourse as any “solution” to supposedly combat big crime.

Baptized with the pretentious titles “Public order”, “Antimafias”, “Reiteration” y “National Registry of Genetic Data”the foundations of the four projects are already being analyzed by various specialists, many of whom presented their criticism and rejection before parliamentary committees. “For the most part, they exterminated the projects due to their disastrous legislative technique and their content, since they create a Big Brother under the control of Bullrichpractically a state of siege,” he expressed Bregman in X.

Faced with the flood of objections to the legal inconsistencies of the Executive’s texts, the officials sent to defend them can do little or nothing. Thus, if these proposals end up becoming law, it will not be because they are lacking in paperwork but because the collaboration that the Government obtains from “opponents” which, in substance, coincide with these initiatives.

All wrong

At the first meeting on April 24 (full video here), the members of the committees Criminal Legislation and of Home Security They listened to the presentations of the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Security, Carlos Manfroniand the director of Regulations and Judicial Liaison of the same portfolio, Fernando Soto. We talk about these nefarious characters below.

Fernando Soto and Carlos Manfroni
Fernando Soto and Carlos Manfroni

The second meeting, last Wednesday the 8th (full video here), brought together various exhibitors. There were those who expressed their opinion in favor of the official initiatives, but most of the specialists in the matter they rejected the projects both from the conceptual and from the legal and practical.

In favor of the changes you want to implement Freedom Advances they spoke Martin Monederoteacher from UCAfrom Merchant Navy and secretary of a national prosecutor’s office; Maria Vranicichgeneral inspector of Santa Fe; Diana Cohen Agrest de la ONG Justice Plant; businessman Eduardo Saves Calcagno that profits from genetics; Marcelo DagostinoUndersecretary of Justice of the radical government of Mendoza y Miguel Marinoofficial of the same province.

Against the projects they stated Guillermo Todarelloofficial deputy public defender before the Federal Court of Criminal Cassation and coordinator of the Prisons Commission of the Defender of the Nation; Leandro Halperinmember of the National Commission for the Prevention of Torture and professor of Principles of Human Rights and Constitutional Law of the UBA; Silvia Martínezinter-American public defender and official public defender before national courts and before the National Court of Appeals; Manuel Garridoformer prosecutor, former head of the Anti-Corruption Officeuniversity professor and holder of Innocence Project Argentina; y Pedro Biscayof the Institute of Comparative Studies in Social and Penal Sciences of the Incecip.

They were joined by testimonies such as that of Juan Paez Laciarbrother of Blas Correamurdered by Police in Córdoba. Also that of Jose Ruiz Diazrepresentative of the Liberados and Liberadas branch of the UTEP. And the former police officer completed the questions. Miguel Angel Roblestoday a professor in the area of ​​criminology and security sciences at the XXI Century University of Córdoba. The polyphony of the criticisms speaks for itself about the nonsense of the projects.

Other speakers were summoned to relate their tragic personal experiences. Their testimonies were moving, although they failed to provide legal, legal and political support for the projects.

In his extensive thread of tweets on Saturday, Bregman synthesized a good part of the key points of the texts proposed by the Executive Branch.

The alert launched by the deputy of the PTS-FITU through his social networks he ran like wildfire. Various media outlets immediately reported the news and from accounts human rights organizations and personalities The message did not stop being replicated.

The Soto-Manfroni duo

If any data is missing to complete the horror table about which it warns Bregmanit is worth stopping at those who were entrusted by Bullrich to defend the projects tooth and nail before the deputies.

At the first meeting of the committees of Criminal Legislation and of Home Securityheld on April 24, they presented Carlos Manfroni (Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Security) and Fernando Soto (director of Regulations and Judicial Liaison of the same ministry). Called to defend the bills, both lawyers were based on a handful of cases which, despite having had a strong media impact, can hardly be taken as a general rule to support legislative changes. And at the same time they tried to transform into an exception what is the rule: Police involvement in all types of crimes organized crime.

Who are these guardians of the “honor” of Bullrich? In the records of both officials there is plenty of evidence to understand where the hand is coming from.

Carlos Manfroni It’s an old dinosaur. For years he was editor of the pro-dictatorship and ultra-nationalist Catholic magazine Council. He also directed a postgraduate course at the Faculty of Law of the UCA. And he has spent decades with Bullrich. In 2003 she accompanied her in the formula for the Head of the Buenos Aires Government with the seal Union to Recreate Buenos Aires (they came out fourth).

In 2014 Manfroni co-authored with the now vice president Victoria Villarruel the book The other dead. There, just as he usually does in his columns of The nationthe lawyer is dispatched against genocide survivors y relatives of missing peoplewhile stands in solidarity with the genocides whom he considers “political prisoners.”

In 2015 Manfroni joined the team Bullrich in his first term in the Ministry, in times of Mauricio Macri. He was in charge of the “internal investigations” of the federal forces. Among other contributions, he stood out for covering up the gendarmes who killed Santiago Maldonado and the prefects who murdered Rafael Nahuel.

Manfroni y Soto They collaborate with him Institute of Strategic Security Studiesan NGO that financed part of the campaigns Bullrich through “donations” from businessmen in the “security” area. Among other things, the iees He proposed “solutions” to save the genocidal prisoners. For example, the passage of Federal Penitentiary Service, in whose prisons many of these criminals live, from the orbit of the Ministry of Justice to the Ministry of Security. The measure was one of the first taken mercy he barely assumed.

In the case of Sotoit is enough to say that his obedience to Bullrich it does not have limits. In recent years she responded whenever she was called to put out some fires. He is the defense lawyer of the murderous police officer Luis Chocobar, convicted in 2021 for killing a thief who was fleeing unarmed from behind. In a ruling last week, The Court of Cassation ordered a retrialwhich was read by Bullrich as a wink in his favor.

The lawyer also defended Francisco Pintosconvicted along with four other members of the group Albatross of Prefecture for killing the young Mapuche in 2017 Rafael Nahuel. And he did the same with Gonzalo Caneformer official of Bullrich who played a central role in the cover-up of the disappearance and death of Santiago Maldonado and was accused in a case of illegal espionage against the family of the young man who disappeared and died after a brutal repression of Gendarmerie.

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