This Tuesday at noon the decision of Unión por la Patria and Leandro Santoro to lower their candidacy in the runoff in the City of Buenos Aires was announced. The issue was widely discussed among locals and others on social networks and on the street. Given this, the PTS leaders in the Left Unity Front, the legislator Alejandrina Barry and the candidate for deputy Patricio del Corro, stated that it is a new example of the role of false opposition of Buenos Aires Peronism.

In this regard, Alejandrina Barry told us: “The PJ of Buenos Aires first decided to only nominate Santoro for Head of Government. Then the former candidate called on Lousteau’s voters to confront Macri to reach the runoff, and once they achieve it they get out of fighting. Thus there is no relationship of forces that endure, they always give in to the right”.

Finally, the former candidate for national deputy Patricio del Corro stated: “In the Legislature, Unión por la Patria contributed its votes on countless occasions for the PRO to pass its laws and for years they have kept the City’s unions immobilized. Peronism has decided to get out of this instance when it could have taken advantage of it to amplify the complaint against a City model that is increasingly more exclusive and where the rich get richer every day. Not doing so is not an act of common sense, but rather a renunciation of the political fight that they told their voters they were going to wage.”.


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