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This Friday the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo They reported that it has just been produced a new restitution of identity of a person born in captivity. Another son of one of the women kidnapped by genocides during the last civic-military-ecclesiastical dictatorship.

This is a man born in 1977 in the Clandestine Detention Center banfield pit. He is the son of Cristina Navas and of Julio Santucho. Nelida Navasmother of Cristinawas a benchmark for grandmothers and passed away in 2012 without being able to meet his grandson. For the moment, it was decided to keep the name of the grandson 133 and his appropriators in reserve.

At the press conference held at the ex ESMAannounced that the man whose identity has just been restored “today will meet his father, his brothers, his sister and a huge family traversed by State terrorism and a history of struggle.”

As stated during the announcement, this restitution “is the result of a society that, after forty years of democracy, continues to demand to know what happened to the disappeared and to the hundreds of appropriated babies, girls and boys; and betting on the construction of memory, truth and justice so that such horrendous crimes are never repeated”.

Cristina Navas was born in 1949 in the City of Buenos Aires. She was a teacher. she met Juliothe youngest of ten brothers, and together they were active in the Revolutionary Workers Party (PRT). She was a member of Avellaneda and at the time of her kidnapping she was a teacher. Julio He is a theologian and was close to being a priest. In 1971 they married and had Camilo already Miguel.

In June 2021 Miguel Santucho testified for the first time in a trial for crimes against humanity. It was in the case in which part of the crimes committed in the wells of Banfield, Quilmes y lanus. There he recounted the persecution that his family suffered, the struggle of his grandmother Nelida to find his brother.

Julio Santucho at the press conference this Friday at the former ESMA
Julio Santucho at the press conference this Friday at the former ESMA

July 13, 1976 Cristina was kidnapped by a gang of genocides in a family apartment santucho. She was pregnant with a third child. She was also her militancy partner Alicia Dambrakidnapped along with her and whose son is still being sought. Manuela Santuchosister-in-law of Cristinawas also kidnapped that day. Julio Santucho he was at that time in Algeria carrying out militant tasks.

The three women passed through the headquarters of PFA Federal Coordinationthen they went through the Orletti Automotive Clandestine Detention Centers (under management of the SIDE), Proto-Banco y banfield pit (held by the Buenos Aires Police). According to the testimony of the remembered Adriana Calvo, Cristina He was in this last CCD between December 1976 and April 1977.

In the press conference this Friday they were, in addition to the president of Abuelas Carlotto’s Stelethe same Julio Santucho and one of his children.

It is worth remembering that about 400 granddaughters and grandsons still remain to be recovered who continue with their identity and history hidden. For years, the recovery of these identities has been produced mainly by the personal search of people who doubt their identities built on the basis of lies and decide to contact grandmothers to compare your DNA with the samples found in the National Genetic Data Bank (a number that does not complete the totality of appropriate persons).

In other words, the recovery of those identities It is not carried out by a determined action of the State (and those who have run it since 1983) to reveal the fate of hundreds of girls and boys torn from their families by the genocidal and their civil, judicial and institutional accomplices. Hence, the demand of survivors and human rights organizations (mostly independent of the State) to opening of all the files of the dictatorshipfrom those that are kept in offices and official offices, to those of the companies that collaborated with the genocide and those of the Catholic Church, still as relevant as it has been for decades.


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