The National government fired 160 workers from ANDIS (National Disability Agency). The notifications that arrived between Friday and Wednesday are signed by the director of the organization and Javier Milei’s personal lawyer, Diego Spagnuolo.

The document that went viral specifies that hiring will end this Thursday, February 29. Among those affected are workers with 20 years of seniority, workers with different types of contracts, people with disabilities and even a pregnant woman.

In this way, the government’s threat of a new round of cuts and layoffs in the public administration for the month of March becomes concrete. It is more necessary than ever to resume common fighting actions to confront layoffs in the State and in general against the adjustment and for the union centers to call for a general strike and a plan of struggle.

With these dismissals, the rights of people with disabilities are brutally violated. Added to the liquidation of benefits and transportation is now a cut in the body that is responsible for granting the Disability Pension (which is also being liquidated). Physical education teachers in charge of the rehabilitation of ANDIS users have been fired.

This organization is in charge of various programs, including the Support Program for people with disabilities, the Incluir Health Program (medical coverage for Pension beneficiaries) and the Decentralized Technical Aid Bank Program that assists people with elements from wheelchairs to construction materials.


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