The national deputy of the PTS-Frente de Izquierda stopped by El Círculo Rojo on Radio Con Vos. There she referred to the defeat of the Omnibus Law and the perceptions that are opening up. Polemizing with Peronism, she pointed out: “It was shown that there is strength to fight, what we have ahead of us is very great and that the response we have to give is enormous and that for that we must organize.”

This Thursday night, Myriam Bregman stopped by Radio Con Vos and spoke with Fernando Rosso and the entire team The Red Circle. Here we leave some of its main definitions. Listen to the full interview.

  • It was an intense month and for us, it is quite different than for any other deputy. Because we are reading studying, lookingWell, you not only have to defend yourself from what the ruling party does. Sometimes you are invited to accompany articles or proposals are made that also play for other employer sectors. In this brawl that is seen between the government and the governors, popular interests are in the middle, of the workers. From the left we have a job that is to always look at what is being discussed from a completely different perspective.
  • It makes me laugh that they try to appear so powerful and self-sufficient all the time. Milei doesn’t do all this because one day she got up and got together with Sturzenegger and Caputo and they decided to send these laws to Congress. Milei is carrying out a plan that large corporations have been pushing for for a long time.. That he Monetary Fund has been demanding and that in previous governments had happened to varying degrees. He is carrying out that program. We said it from the beginning of this debate. If you look at both the DNU and the Omnibus Law, they have a first and last name. The only unity they have is that they combine major issues that have been worrying corporations, the most concentrated sectors of power, for a long time.
  • To the dialogue opposition I told them to their faces that, if all this happened, it would hardly be the adjective with which they would be remembered in their towns that “dialogueist.” If the privatization of military manufacturing, of the railways, happened, if this thing of calling education an essential service and not an essential right – which is something else – happened.
  • Already when it began, the debate was blocked because the Monetary Fund – which is behind everything – prevented Milei from sharing the Country Tax. This did not stop some governors. We saw from a completely different place that we had to face all this law, because We could not allow entire chapters to be approved against labor laws, against environmental rights.
  • I can’t help but say what a factor the street was.. What All these days the mobilization was outside, it was very important.. Those who mobilized are the bravest, most active advance, but they showed that there is much greater discontent. They told me anecdotes about workers who returned to work the next day and said I was in front of Congress and there were many who said ‘I would have liked to be there, I couldn’t.’
  • Patricia Bullrich did her thing to try to terrorize. And many political leaders tried to appease. Even from Peronism, who within the premises were very opposed, but tried to appease the street, saying that it was dangerous, which couldn’t be done. But we know that if there is something that reduces the danger of repression, it is massiveness. If there are thousands and thousands of us outside, this is significantly reduced. Patricia Bullrich, on the day of the national strike when we held a mobilization, could do little in the face of the massiveness.. I think you have to highlight the value of the street and all those colleagues from neighborhood assemblies, left-wing parties, social movements, cultural sectors. They played an important role.
  • The street began to be built quickly that December 20th in which we were also. On December 27 with the mobilization in front of the Courts, in the strike on the 24th. I think the fate of this law would have been very different if all these sectors had not been holding out outside. They showed that the rejection of this law is much greater.
  • Beyond the fact that some wanted to contain it only in a parliamentary debate, there was an expression, a deep expression began to be generated, which I believe we have to bet on with everything. Because there is the germ of something new, of self-organization resurfacing. Now we have to be happy because the process of the Omnibus Law was stopped. But Milei is going to return with new attacks, the DNU is still in force, they continue to attack through high rates and this blending plan, to blend salaries and pensions. So I think something very important is growing in this phenomenon of self-organization. When they ask me ‘what we do’, I say ‘participate in your neighborhood assemblies’. Let’s strengthen this totally democratic bodywhere you can vote, where you can decide, where you decide when to march and how.
  • This combined with sectors of workers who are beginning to leave, who are beginning to mobilize, it can generate something powerful. Because the CGT carried out a strike that had a lot of calls, with mobilization, but afterwards it had no continuity. We went back to the press releases and we know that with press releases we are not going to stop these people. Precisely because of what we said before: today the powerful sectors see the opportunity to extract a new slice from the Argentine working class. So it is very important that all this develops, that we participate in these processes and that we find a place there for all those who do not have a daily militancy and who see in the assemblies the way to express and organize.
  • I think that Patricia Bullrich What he has achieved is that no one encourages him. The protesters encouraged him, the neighborhood assemblies encouraged him, but there is no judge, no prosecutor, nobody tells him anything. She acts without a court order, totally outside the minimum legality and they let her do what she wants. Not to mention Jorge Macri, who let him take the city and run it however he wants. Her goal is to achieve something that neither she nor Videla achieved. Videla was unable to calm the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo by telling them that they had to return to their homes. The Mothers, the Grandmothers invented the round and marched every Thursday.
  • I believe that this adjustment is defeated with popular mobilization. With the mobilization of workers. That is quite different from the perspective that opens up if it is a mere legislative thread, where favors are being exchanged and tomorrow they turn around again. It is very important to discuss what these alternatives are.. These sectors that, despite clearly expressing their opposition to the law, tend not to mobilize later are because they are clearly committed to rebuilding a political force that has come to show us what is the most it can give in this period.. It is a period under the submission of the Monetary Fund, with a strong external debt, with a fierce dependence on our country. We already had the Alberto Fernández government and we already saw what happened. We are like in a semi-pendulum mechanism, where the right takes you to catastrophe and then they promise you that they will fill the refrigerator, but disappointment comes. Then an aberrant phenomenon appears such as the Milei.
  • Us From the left we have a very important challenge. Because we want to get out of there, We want a new political force that allows us to fight for another perspective, where you don’t have to accept 25% poverty or 60% all the time. That is not a destiny for our country. It seems to me that many debates are opened from this. It was shown that there is strength to fight, but that What we have ahead of us is very big and the response we also have to face is enormous. And for that we have to organize ourselves, there is no other way. And we have to start thinking about what the alternative is. How do we build that independent political force, which is not choosing between what is convenient for the agrarian employers’ associations now and what is convenient for the Monetary Fund, but is thinking clearly about the interests of the workers, who are the ones who rise up every Tomorrow, they are going to put the Sube on the bus and they find the huge rate. All your speeches end there.
  • here still There is no balance made of how the Alberto Fernández government ended. He will be walking in Spain, but the consequences of that enormous disenchantment that that government produced, first with Guzmán, then with Massa and those endless fights with Cristina Kirchner, which we never really knew why they were or where they led, but they ended up leading to the working people to a critical situation. Where many believed that by voting for this man who walked with the chainsaw they could quickly find a solution to his problems. Now we must build a class alternative.
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