Together with national deputies, human rights organizations and social organizations, the national leader of the left was present at the self-call for the freedom of the prisoners detained in the repression of Wednesday the 12th. They called for a rally this Tuesday in Plaza de Mayo and they will deliver tens of thousands of signatures on Wednesday in Comodoro Py.

  • “They are detained because a case was set up, in an office, which is a political decision. Today you see this entire broad political arc in repudiation. Here is the legislator of the City, Victoria Montenegro, there is Carlos “Sueco” Lordkipanidse, former detainee-disappeared, there are all the organizations. The Mothers, the Grandmothers, an international Human Rights organization, have signed a petition. There are more than 30,000 signatures from all of our people. This is an accusation that was put together on a desk, that Patricia Bullrich began to build days before and obtained a prosecutor who owes political favors to the PRO.”
  • This cause has neither head nor tail. They arrest a lot of people. At one point they split in half and say I’ll release these ones and I’ll leave these ones, without any criteria. Because it is not that in one case they have more evidence than in others. The evidence is what is visible: the mobilization was public, everyone was seen relaxing, fleeing from a brutal Police that tried to repress, firing rubber bullets.”
  • “At one hour they decide to start repressing and decide where to start arresting. That is why all the arrests are at the height of July 9. So There is a political decision about when to start repressing, a political decision about where to stop, who to stop.. And from that a cause was put together that has no head or tail. And that is why there is so much expression of rejection. I have been active for years and I have never seen an expression of solidarity, of unity as great as what is being seen at this moment.”
  • “The The timeline shows you how first the government gives the order, then Stornelli is activated and so things happen, thing by thing.. Now Judge Servini has to choose. Enter a case armed with half a Penal Code, with this repressive and repressive pressure from Bullrich and Stornelli. On the other side you have this enormous political arc, which was seen today, which was seen on Friday at the press conference we held. That has not been seen with other causes. It’s huge. All Human Rights organizations are there, no matter where they march on March 24, no matter what they do on a daily basis.”
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