The deputy and leader of the Left Front detailed the crisis of a government that, if not confronted massively in the streets, “leads the country to a disaster.” Perspectives of a crisis where the IMF lurks. Questions to the political and union opposition. And an explanation of where the money for retirements can come from.

This Thursday Myriam Bregman was interviewed on the channel C5N. After three years of battle on her Deputies bench, the leader of the PTS he just rotated on his bench Left Front. As he said in the conversation, she will continue “fighting because there is a lot to do.” Here are the central concepts of her talk with Juan Amorín.

Rotation on your bench

  • Due to the rotation system that we have in the Left Front, this is my third year in banking and the remaining time is shared with the rest of the forces. It is a practice that we have adopted since the formation of the Left Front. We won the seat that I held until now in the City of Buenos Aires when I headed the 2021 list.
  • I will always thank, centrally, the many women who accompanied me to fight that fight. And today I will continue fighting, there is a lot to do.

    Terminator of Mercy

  • It seems to me that more and more their public discourse resembles the discourse of the networks. Maybe one thought a reverse evolution, like all that violence they displayed In the networks, which tried to attract attention, it was campaign marketing and in the government they were going to be very careful. Because If people don’t have enough to eat today, it’s their responsibility.. If a retiree does not make ends meet, it is their responsibility.. But it’s the other way around, I think they try to cover it with quite violent, contemptuous language, the disaster in which his government is immersed and the disaster to which they are leading the country.
  • A mercy He always likes to paint himself like Terminator. The truth is, I saw them with An expert in that “magic show” they were in and they seemed more Pinky and the Brain (“What are we going to do tonight? Try to change the world!”). You can’t take that staging they do seriously, where they try all the time with image tricks to hide that they are at an extremely critical moment. If you add the Luna Park and all the antics they did, Terminator it doesn’t give you It makes water everywhere.

    And the opposition?

  • If he made “the biggest adjustment in history” and has no social response, that is talking about the opposition he has. The union opposition, the social movements, the political opposition in Congress. And he also talks about others, right? Why, by making such an adjustment, can he still go ahead with these cruelties and barbarities? There it seems to me that there is a point to analyze.
  • We see the entire union leadership in Geneva. I hope to return soon. Guinevere must be divine, I don’t know. But next week the Bases Law and the fiscal package will be discussed in the Senate, which ends all labor legislation as we know it, ends with the social monotax hitting the most unprotected sectors. It seems to me that when mercy He says that says a lot about who is in front of him.
  • We, without ever having speculated, We have put all our strength, big or small, from day one to be on the street. From December 20 (they filed a criminal case against us for being on the street that day) until today, in the facility also to face their program. But I think that, beyond that, starts to make water.

    The IMF exists and imposes conditions

  • In the second half of the year and, very strongly, starting in 2025, they begin large payments to private creditors y al FMI. That is to say that this image that mercy da, that it is a “V” in which we fell and we are going to start bouncing, What will it be like to get more than US$ 15,000 million a year? Where are you going to get them from? Because (Luis) Caputo He sold him the same thing he always sells (and they buy it again) that he was going to make a bicycle so that they would give him debt again, but The IMF has not disbursed anything to him, the friends who were going to come and give him I don’t remember how much they did not appearare complicated with China and we have to see if he renews the agreement.
  • We continue to pretend that the IMF does not exist. I remember the last debate I had with mercy, I said that there is the Fund and everyone was discussing the economy but without talking about it. But The Fund exists even if you cover your eyes and say “I don’t see it.” He has to pay, and where is he going to get the funds from? Because what he is doing is managing the Fund’s program.


  • Regarding retirements, FMI He said two things: that fewer people had to retire and that those who retire have to earn less. This is what Milei is doing. With the Base Law, he eliminates the moratorium so that no one else retires under the current system (eight out of ten people) and, on the other hand, he wants to veto a law that was voted in Congress that gives him something minimum, $30 thousand per month for each retiree.
  • You must always clarify what you are going to vote for. No need to speculate until the last minute.As we are seeing in the Senate, we do not know what is going to happen. Yeah mercy veto (the law on retirement mobility that was half approved by the Deputies on Tuesday) my colleagues are going to vote affirmatively to form the necessary two-thirds, because We are not going to allow a monarch to be created and that by simple veto (there is no more monarchical resource) just say “I don’t like it and I’ll veto it.”
  • If you start to see how public spending was composed in the first quarter, More was spent on debt interest than on pensions. But since no one talks about FMI, no one tells you “sir, you are lying, you spent more on debt interest than on retirements.” He has that sad record though He is not the first to adjust retirements. We have criticized previous governments a lot for adjusting pensions, but he adds the icing to the dessert that everyone turned retirees into in this country.
  • That is why we, in our opinion, specifically put where to get the money from. On the other hand, the opinion that was voted, which is based on what radicalism had made, has some very dangerous itemsbecause they start to say “we want a report on the special funds”, etc. Watch out for teaching, watch out for everyone else, because when they start asking you for reports it is because there is more than one who is looking to go looking there. That is why I am so concerned about the type of opposition that exists.

    There’s no money?

  • There are very basic things. First, Cavallo in 1993 he lowered the pension contributions and that was never restored. I am not talking about the ideal system for which I fight, I am talking about something that existed until 93, which is companies contributed much more. That was the first big break in the definancing of the system. Second, you have to go to a job laundering, do not reward them as the Law does. Bases that if you have unregistered work you will not pay fines. On the contrary, there must be massive whitewashing. We have presented a project indicating how to do it. Then you have taxes on large fortunes and other things you can look for. But there are some very quick financing bases that are completely logical.
  • If you have a country with almost 50% informality, you are not contributing to the system. If on top of that you eliminate the social monotax, which allows a small contribution for more than 600 thousand people, most of them women, those people are not going to switch to Self-Employed or the common monotax. What you are going to do is remain informal again.
  • Not to mention the financing of the State more generally, which they want to compensate by increasing the income tax. Do you think the workers are going to bank on that? When it starts to dawn on them that from $1.2 million they will start paying profits, this discussion is not going to be so calm. I don’t know if the union leadership will be able to go for a walk in Geneva.

    Milei on the ledge

  • They are playing with fire, on the ledge, in a complicated situation. The minister is complicated Pettovello, which is more appropriately called “Decapitating Humans”, with its bloodthirsty politics. There are many people who voted for PRO that’s it Civic Coalition and in the ballot he ran to cast his vote for Javier Mileywho now begins to see that everything he told them, that they were not going to attack the retirees, that there was not going to be corruption and so on, now begins to say “but how is this lady paying bonuses?”
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