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In the midst of the tense discussion between the ruling party and the employers’ opposition regarding the opinion of the bill Base Lawhe Senate of the Nation is back in the news for reasons of complicated. Starting in June, the allowances of the 72 senators will take a new nominal leap.

Legally, the modifications in the income of the legislators of the Chamber that he presides Victoria Villarruel depend on the settings of the parity of the workers of the National Congress. According to the latest negotiations, in May those who work in Parliament will have a salary increase of 9% (2 retroactive and 7 updated). And those who occupy the benches get a reward.

Tied to that labor parity, From June the 72 senators will go from a gross diet of $7 million to one of $8 million. With the corresponding deductions, in hand (net) They will go from receiving $4.5 million to more than $5 million.

It is worth remembering that in April, when the diet was voted that received widespread popular repudiationthe senators of Freedom Advances They validated that scandalous self-increase. Although they did not raise their hands, by not explicitly opposing they let what they voted for run. peronists, radicals and members of provincial parties. Not only is the caste not afraid, but it is also integrated by the political space headed by Javier Milei.

It is no coincidence that these million-dollar increases occur in the midst of the discussion about the future of the Base Lawmother of all the Government’s battles to legalize its plan of adjustment and looting on the working people. The idea of ​​keeping the senators with full pockets is perfectly compatible with the need of the minority libertarian bloc to add “opposition” will to approve the project that has already obtained half a sanction in Deputies.

But at the same time, while that palatial thread continues to give embarrassing news, the bulk of the population suffers the consequences of the war plan that they have been implementing mercy, Villarruel, Caputo and company. Abrupt drop in consumption, salaries that are not enough to guarantee basic nutrition for working families, hundreds of thousands of new unemployed, soup kitchens emptied by the minister Sandra Pettovelloindigence retirements and a long etcetera configure the social scenario in which these advances of the political sectors occur for their own benefit.

You can’t get more caste. He Left Front proposed for more than a decade that each legislator, Executive official, judge and other public officials receive an income equivalent to that of a worker. The only possible alternative to the privileges enjoyed by those who were elected to improve the living conditions of the population. Privileges that, needless to say, have always existed, no matter who governs.


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