The Brazilian Army has begun deploying armed drones, developed entirely in Brazil, to reinforce surveillance and security operations, especially in the Amazon region. Recently, 21 military personnel completed specific training to handle these unmanned aircraft, after nine months of intensive testing.

Initially, the Army will receive three drones of the SARP Nauru 1000C model, in addition to a mobile base equipped with ground control stations, stabilizers and radars. The system also includes two data transmission terminals with a range of 60 km and a terminal capable of reaching up to 100 km.

The SARP Nauru 1000C drone, with 100% national technology developed by XMobots, was designed for tactical missions that include surveillance, security and border monitoring.

This model has a wingspan of almost eight meters, is three meters long and can reach a maximum speed of 110 km/h, with a flight autonomy of 10 hours.

Equipped with eight independent engines and batteries, the Nauru 1000C is capable of performing automatic vertical takeoffs and landings, which allows its use in critical and confined environments.

With a maximum takeoff weight of 150kg, the drone is suitable for operating under adverse weather conditions such as light rain and fog.

Drones are controlled from inside containers specially adapted for transport and operation, equipped with cameras and monitors that transmit images captured by the aircraft in real time, according to the requirements of each mission.

With information from CNN


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