The cryptocurrency market is rising sharply, with BTC above $62,000, Ethereum above $3,500 and to follow the other altcoins. The forecast for Bitcoin is getting better and better and this is important because the main asset is crucial to the success of the sector in general.

But they are also there crypto web 3 e IA which are heading for a big rise: Chainlink is trading today at $20.21, up 4.68% in 24 hours; Injective is up 10.91% in the last day and Arweave is up more than 25%.

Among the new tokens that integrate AI, it stands out Scotty the AIa meme coin that wants ensure safety in the sector, using artificial intelligence to identify fraud and projects in which it is worth investing.

Chainlink on the rise: why?

The main reason why LINK managed to rise above $20 was the news that Ark and 21Shares wanted to integrate Chainlink to make the reserves of their spot Bitcoin ETFs public.

Ark Invest and 21Shares, which will integrate Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve platform, said they have taken a step towards greater transparency.

Chain linkwhich has partnerships with some of the world’s largest traditional financial companies such as Swift, is almost monopolizing the DeFi space with its price feeds. Furthermore, LINK is taking steps to support a supply shortage with its staking pool (and also increasing the utility of tokens) to drive its price higher.

Injective rises 10.91% in 24 hours

Injective’s ecosystem stands out in the DeFi industry as a potential game changeroffering unique features and functionality that could have a significant impact on the future of the industry.

It is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) which, unlike traditional DEXs that rely on automated market makers (AMMs), uses a central CLOB (limit order book) system.

This enables features such as margin trading, perpetual contracts and spot trading, similar to those found on centralized exchanges (CEX), but with the added benefits of decentralization.

Also on his several dApps are being created on the platform, which will further improve its usefulness. All these characteristics contribute to giving a boost to the price of INJ, today at +10.91% and trading at $43.35.

Arweave rises more than 25% in one day

The price of Arweave increased by more than 40% on February 28thfrom a daily open of $19 to a high of $27, as a continuation of an uptrend that began on February 3, when AR traded at a low of $7.80.

Today, AR is up over 25% in the 24 hours, trading at $29.32.

The token’s incredible price increase in less than 30 days is due to several factors: Arweave is an AI-enabled blockchain that recently processed over 3.2 billion transactions, attracting the attention of investors.

The recent surge in AR may be due to the launch of Arweave AOa new project aimed at significantly improving the scalability and computational capabilities of the protocol.

According to analysts, if the bullish trend were to consolidate, Arweave’s price could reach $40.

Scotty the AI: the new meme coin that fuses blockchain and artificial intelligence arrives

In the positive panorama of cryptocurrencies, the new meme coin project stands out Scotty the AIwhich uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to improve the security and integrity of the industry.

The project presents itself as capable of analyzing complex data on blockchain and identifying patterns using AI. The strength of Scotty the AI, like most successful meme coins, is the put the community at the center: suffice it to say that the team gave up ownership of the smart contract for this purpose.

There are various elements that give utility to the project: lo Scotty Swapa tool that allows holders of SCOTTY, the project’s native token, and all members of the ecosystem to access all the tools for swapping native tokens.

Then there is the Scotty Chat, that is to say a platform through which you can ask questions related to crypto and blockchain and which is based on a chatbot.

Finally, to give greater utility there is also the staking, with a current APY of 120%. Other advantages given by Scotty the AI ​​are the total supply fixed at 1,234,567,890 tokens, a factor that guarantees its scarcity, which could lead to an increase in the value of SCOTTY.

30% of the offer goes towards the ongoing pre-sale which currently sees SCOTTY at $0.0063. The remaining 70% of the offer is divided between development costs, staking, and marketing, in addition to listings on CEX and DEX exchanges.

The team does not reserve a share of the tokens for itself, therefore SCOTTY will be 100% dedicated to the community. La roadmap is divided into three phases and plans to achieve objectives such as the launch of marketing campaigns, listings and, in the final, the launch of the various tools.

To participate in the pre-sale it will be necessary to download a crypto wallet compatible with the Scotty the AI ​​pre-sale, such as MetaMask, Best Wallet and Wallet Connect. You can then exchange ETH or USDT for the desired tokens or you can use a bank card.

Anyone who wants it can immediately take advantage of the mechanism stakingopting for the button “Buy and stake”instead of the classic “Buy”. Given the premises and the growing crypto AI sector, the prospects for SCOTTY are more than valid at the time of listing.

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