This Wednesday in the studios of TN The debate was held between the vice presidential candidates. Nicolás del Caño, national deputy and Myriam Bregman’s running mate crossed Javier’s candidate mercy

for the rights of young people. “I want to ask Villarruel if he is going to repress the kids who defend ESI, which is key to identifying abuses. Are you going to repress?”

She responded that “There has to be biological education, not in the hands of teachers.” He rejected Comprehensive Sexual Education (ESI), which a large part of the population supports.

Socialist feminist Andrea D’Atri

He once again questioned the anti-rights ideas of those who make up La Libertad Avanza. This time she did it through her social networks.

In this thread of tweets he maintained, among other things, that “The biological approach proposed by Villarruel considers sexuality only from the point of view of its reproductive or hygienist function, linked to Health (for example, how to prevent transmitted diseases). sexual)”.


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