Binance CEO Richard Teng claims that new investors in Bitcoin and crypto are no longer early adopters. He made these statements after Binance reached the 200 million user mark. “We are extremely honored and humbled to welcome 200 million registered users,” said Teng.

Rapid growth for Binance

With 200 registered users around the world, Binance is also the largest trading platform in the world.

The stock exchange platform founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao is growing rapidly. The number of registered users increased by 100 million from 100 to 200 million in a period of 26 months.

According to Cheng, Binance owes this rapid growth to the changing landscape for the crypto industry. “This milestone is not just a triumph for Binance. It is also a sign of the robust growth and maturity of the wider industry.

It reflects the transition from early adopters to the early majority. That implies that a larger and larger part of the world’s population is warming up to crypto and its endless possibilities,” said Teng.

On the way to 1 billion users

For Binance, the milestone of 200 million users does not mean that they will rest. On the contrary, according to Teng, it is time to keep moving.

The big goal is to eventually reach 1 billion users. That is not going to be easy for the stock exchange platform. This means that 1 in 8 people should have an account on the trading platform.

It would also need a lot of political support for this. Particularly in the United States, where there are almost 50 million investors. That’s about 10 percent of all users on earth.

The upcoming presidential elections could play an important role in this in the United States. If Donald Trump is elected president, it could help Binance in that mission. After all, he recently called himself the crypto president.

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