Billionaire investor Mark Cuban has revealed that he lost access to his Gmail account after a hoax call. This incident comes just months after more than $800,000 was stolen from his cryptocurrency wallet.

Scams are becoming increasingly common

On June 22, Cuban wrote on platform X that he was hacked after someone named Noah called 650-203-0000 and pretended to be a Google employee. “I just got hacked on my [email protected] because someone named Noah called your 650-203-0000 and said I had an intruder and was spoofing Google’s recovery methods,” Cuban said. This type of scam is often used to trick users into obtaining personal information or account details.

Cuban warned his 8.8 million followers on

Speculation swirled

While he received messages of support from the crypto community, others speculated about the number of emails he would miss during the time he was without access. Nick Percoco, chief security officer at crypto exchange Kraken, wrote: “When you regain access, please post a screenshot of the number of unread emails. I bet it’s up to 5 figures now.”

Some users even raised concerns about whether Cuban’s X account had also been compromised. A user named “Mickamious” wondered: “Is it POSSIBLE that his X account has now also been hacked by the hackers? That’s why they’re trying to get more information.”

Cuban has been hacked before

This incident comes nine months after Cuban’s hot wallet was emptied of approximately $870,000, allegedly by hackers waiting for him to log into MetaMask for the first time in months. Independent blockchain sleuth Wazz noticed the hack in September 2023 after noticing suspicious behavior with one of Cuban’s wallets.

Meanwhile, Cuban remains an outspoken advocate for cryptocurrencies and is pushing for more favorable crypto regulations in the United States. He recently urged the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to regulate “all crypto,” unlike the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), due to the SEC’s strict enforcement approach to the crypto industry.


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