President of the United States, Joe Biden. Photo: Kevin Lamarque

US President Joe Biden said this Thursday (16) during a press conference that “nothing suggests” that aerial objects recently shot down in the country are related to spy balloons from China or any other country.

“Nothing at this time suggests that they were related to China’s spy balloon program or that they were any other country’s surveillance vehicles,” Biden said.

“The current intelligence assessment is that these three objects were likely balloons attached to private companies, recreational or research institutions that study the climate or conduct other scientific research,” said the US president.

Biden also said that he has personally spoken with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau since unidentified objects were dropped in the neighboring country. According to the president, the military of both countries are working to recover the wreckage of the objects shot down in the last week.

According to the American leader, one of the reasons why the United States detected three UFOs is that, after the appearance of the Chinese spy balloon, at the beginning of the month, the surveillance radars were readjusted to identify slow-moving objects in the sky.

“We act with great caution and bring down the objects safely,” said the president, noting that he will shoot down any unidentified aerial object that appears to threaten national security.

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