This Wednesday the Milei government finally obtained the opinion of the basic law and the fiscal package in the Senate, although the agreements it achieved are tied with wires. Why are the modifications made by the Upper House worse for workers? Why is the general rejection of the Senate necessary for the law to fall? What are the blocks and parties that enabled treatment in the facility? Mobilizations have already been announced outside Congress for the day of the session and there are organizations that demand that the CGT and the CTA call for an active strike to reject a law that attacks workers, retirees, women, and aims to give enormous benefits to workers. big businessmen for the looting of the country and money laundering.

In this video we summarize what you need to know about the Bases Law and the fiscal package which will be discussed soon in the Senate. Union, social, student, retiree, and neighborhood assemblies are already calling for a large movement to reject them on the day the session.

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