The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, have used the delivery of the International Medal of the Community as a political rally against the Government and “socialist policies” and in defense of the economic policies and cuts in rights and freedoms that Milei’s executive is applying in his country.

After receiving the recognition, and after a few words from Isabel Díaz Ayuso in which she defended freedom, the policies of her autonomous government or the history shared between Spain and Argentina, President Javier Milei took a tour of her political career and of criticism of Argentina’s economic situation, for which he blames previous governments.

Milei assures that the “caste model” is based on “a socialist premise that says that where there is a need, a right is born” and questions that “someone has to pay for rights and resources are finite.” Given this, the Argentine president proposes believing in “the price system”, which he has described as “one of the greatest inventions of humanity”, and after what he has charged against social justice, which he has said is “ unjust and deeply violent.”

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who has not invited the leader of her party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to the event, has made a speech against the “liberticidal projects that are ruining entire nations” and has said that all of them began with “the assault on the separation of powers and justice” and that they put “popular democracy” before the law, which they define as “the law of the jungle.”

Having criticized social justice, Milei has summoned the French liberal deputy Frédéric Bastiat to talk about “the porous hands of politicians”, after which he has made a veiled reference to the legal cases faced by some relatives of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez: “Maybe [esa porosidad] It is not that of the politician directly… Maybe it is that of a brother, the partner or whatever.”

The Argentine head of state has also attacked debt policies, which he has defined as “an immoral way of facing the economic situation” and has said that it is something that his government is changing. Milei has once again stated that her executive has made a five-point GDP adjustment in five months, “the largest in world history” to avoid having to finance the deficit with currency issuance. After that, he has come to assure that he is going to make the issuance of money a crime or that “taxes are theft.”

To finish his speech, Javier Milei openly attacked the President of the Government: “Mr. Sánchez either did not understand or he really likes the State to take over the Spaniards. But I have the hope that they are waking up like Argentina woke up”, after which he recalled one of his campaign slogans, when he said that he came to politics “not to wake up lambs, but to wake up lions”, and added that ” It seems that that roar began to reach everyone.”

Before presenting her with the International Medal of the Community of Madrid, the regional president defined Milei’s visit as “an immense honor” and highlighted the common language, history and culture of Argentina and Spain. After that, she has criticized “impoverishing collectivism” and what she has called “subsidy culture” that seeks in her opinion to create clientelist networks and “captive voting.”

Afterwards, he defended the policies of the Milei government, assured that “prices are beginning to be contained” and that today Argentina “is on the international map” and he wished the Argentine head of government that his measures were right and that both countries would never break their historical ties.


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