With an event in the Plaza San Martín de Retiro, President Javier Milei, together with Victoria Villarruel, Jorge Macri, Patricia Bullrich and other Government officials, held a speech where he sought to justify the adjustment and poverty policies that he is implementing and proposed reconciliation with the Argentine Armed Forces, executors of the genocide during the civic, military and ecclesiastical coup d’état that began in March ’76.

According to Milei, with his Government A new era would begin in which, thanks to its policy of attacks on the living conditions of the majority of the population, together with a new claim by the military, Argentina would be “respected” for its claim for sovereignty. from Malvinas.

According to that perspective, applying the measures requested by the International Monetary Fund and the great world financial capitalwhich result in more deindustrialization, primarization of the economy and greater subordination to the central powers in international trade and diplomatic relations, It would be in better conditions to claim sovereignty from those same countries.

But everything indicates that Milei, Villarruel, Bullrich and company pose as “patriots”, using the cause of Malvinas and the memory of the fallen young people, to justify their adjustment policies, subordination to financial capital and national delivery; the extreme opposite of any policy with a minimum degree of defense of the national. In tune with this campaign, media related to the ruling party also overreacts a sudden and hardly credible patriotism.

But according to his own speech, quoting Julio Argentino Roca “the economy alone is not enough”, but for the country “to be respected by other nations”, it is also necessary to stop “belittling and harassing” the Armed Forces. And in that sense he affirmed that with his Government that will end, since these Forces are “a source of pride and will have the respect that has been denied to them.”

During what was known as the “Conquest of the desert”, Roca’s army -also claimed during his inauguration speech- carried out a genocide against the native peoples.

According to the president, “wearing the uniform was a source of pride” until “politics wanted to erase that from collective memory.” But The truth is that the indelible rejection of the Armed Forces in the majority of society is due to the fact that they were the executors of the widespread extermination plan. on a generation of workers and young people, to implement economic measures of the same order that Milei began to apply and that it tries to consolidate and deepen.

At the same time, Milei falsifies history when she tries to show the leadership of the Armed Forces. as heroes worthy of tribute. They cowardly surrendered to imperialism, leaving hundreds of soldiers adrift on the islands. Meanwhile she was carrying out a genocide in the country and young soldiers were being tortured on the islands. As popular memory remembers in a song: “The boys died, the bosses sold them!”

With that content, Milei called “inaugurate a new era of reconciliation with the Armed Forces that transcends this Government”. As at the time of vindicating Roca, the tribune made up of the high command and members of the different Forces, melted into applause and ovations. He also took advantage of this proposal to postulate “an era in which let’s live up to the sacrifice of our heroes and fallen”, in what is in fact a call to the population to endure the continued deterioration of their living conditions in exchange for a supposedly better future that will not come.

As occurred during the dissemination of the provocative and denialist video broadcast by Casa Rosada on March 24, Milei linked that content of reconciliation with the genocidaires to the Pact of May 25 that seeks to specify with the governors. He pointed out that “The first step for this doctrine will be taken on May 25 at the Docta in Córdobawhere we will sign the May Pact, establishing the 10 State policies of the new Argentine economic order.” It is about his commitment to consolidate with the regional leaders his wild economic plan of greater adjustment, poverty and surrender of national sovereignty.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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