The diplomatic conflict escalated a step, after the government of Javier Milei will refuse the request for a public apology demanded by the Spanish Governmentafter the Argentine president’s statements against Pedro Sánchez’s wife. This Monday the Spanish ambassador in Buenos Aires, María Jesús Alonso Jiménezleft the country.

Just two months ago, President Milei caused a similar diplomatic crisis with the Colombian State, which decided to expel the Argentine ambassador in Bogotá, and withdraw its diplomat from Argentine territory. For the moment, the Spanish State has not expelled the Argentine chancellor Roberto Bosch although the latter, in line with the Argentine Government, also rejected the apology request. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Diana Mondino, was optimistic about “redirecting relations” between both governments, but the diplomatic conflict remains open.

In the morning, the presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni declared before Radio Metro of Buenos Aires : “This started on May 3, when a Spanish government minister accused the Argentine president of ingesting substances.” And he added: “From there, there came endless attacks from other ministers and from himself. Pedro Sanchezwho tried to fascist, hater, denialist, a bad person. Some demand apologies. There won’t be, there’s nothing to apologize for. We appeal to the government of Spain to apologize to us.”

The ineffable spokesperson of the Argentine government responded in this way to the reaction of Sánchez and officials of his government after Javier Miley referred to this Sunday in Madrid to the Spanish president and the corruption complaints involving his wife, Begoña Gomez. A little less than a month ago, due to these complaints, Sánchez was on the verge of resignation and finally decided to continue leading the Government. He then called on the Spanish regime to face a “democratic regeneration”polarizing with Vox and the constant reactionary demonstrations of the Spanish right.

This Sunday, during his speech before thousands of people who gathered at the meeting Europe Viva 24 (many of them neo-Nazis, xenophobic, homolesbotransphobic y anti-work), mercy He said without naming him that the “socialist” Sánchez He has a “corrupt wife.” That prompted a response from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and this Monday, Sánchez he dedicated words to mercywhile he returned to Argentina from his publicly funded (political) pleasure trip.

“Milei was not up to the task”said the president Sánchez during his presentation at an Economic Forum organized by the newspaper Five days. And he added that the response to the libertarian’s statements will be in accordance “with the dignity of Spanish democracy” and the “ties of brotherhood” that unite both countries. And he separated mercy of the “great Argentine people”, implying that one thing is the diatribes of the libertarian and another is what the population thinks. “Between governments, affections are free, but respect is inalienable”sentenced while saying he was waiting for a public rectification of mercy.

Hours before he spoke Sánchezhis foreign minister Jose Manuel Albares issued an institutional statement in which it demanded that the Argentine president “public apologies” for what was said at the meeting of Vox, which “overrides any type of political and ideological difference.” And he threatened: “If this does not happen, we will take the measures we believe are appropriate to defend our sovereignty.” It is worth saying that Albares summoned the Argentine ambassador to the Spanish State, Roberto Boschto ask you to transfer him “personally” to mercy that official position.

The identification of La Libertada Avanza with the Spanish extreme right, ideological heir of the dictator Francisco Franco, is becoming increasingly noticeable. The Argentine president was not only a “star” in the meeting called by Vox this Sunday and consider a “friend” Santiago Abascal (that mercy far from being a cultivator of friendship) but rather has managed to reproduce several of the bizarre ideas of that match.

At the beginning of May, in his response to the Spanish Transport Minister’s outbursts, Oscar Puenteabout an alleged addiction to mercy to some “substances”, the Office of the Argentine President stated that “Pedro Sánchez has endangered the unity of the Kingdom, agreeing with separatists and leading to the dissolution of Spain” and even put “Spanish women are at risk by allowing the illegal immigration of those who threaten their physical integrity”. The same rhetoric of Vox in the middle of his electoral campaign for parliamentarians of the European Union.

The verbal escalation between the governments of Sánchez y mercy It seems to have not been closed and there is even threat of relationship breakdowns between both States. However, despite criticism from the extreme right to Sánchez due to alleged (and possible) cases of corruption, it must be said that mercy quietly could coincide with the “socialist” government in many of its specific policies.

After deciding to continue in his position amid far-right accusations against his wife, Sánchez He spoke of the need for a “democratic regeneration.” But for him, that “democracy” is based on precepts that are largely agreed upon by all the governing parties, both in Europe and on other continents.

In an article from our Spanish sister site, The Daily Left it was precisely detailed that, beyond his speeches, Sánchez and company keep the call going “gag law” with which social protest is criminalized; They do not touch a period or a comma of the immigration law that illegalizes and persecutes thousands of migrants; and even endorses the youth imprisonment of “The Zaragoza 6” for the sole fact of having mobilized against the right.

As they claim Pablo Castilla y Lucia Nistalleaders of the Revolutionary Current of Workers (CRT), “there is no ‘democratic regeneration’ of the Regime of ’78 heir to the dictatorship. Against the attacks of the right, the reform of capitalist democracy that the reformists seek is to ‘change everything so that nothing changes’ and that is leaving the door open to reaction.”.

“The right and the extreme right, their methods and their attacks must be stopped, but this is not done by maintaining the most reactionary policies, as this PSOE-Sumar government does”they add from the sister organization of the PTS of Argentina (member of the Left Front). “We have to be organized and mobilized, with the strength of the working class, women, migrants and youth”they say.


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