The audios of the investigation into the husband –recently deceased– and the stepson of the mayoress of Marbella deny the distance that Ángeles Muñoz has wanted to put with the latter and reveal the closeness that she has always maintained with him, the alleged leader of a Swedish network of drug traffickers on the Costa del Sol. The deal includes Muñoz giving preferential treatment to the businesses of Joakim Broberg and his partners, as evidenced by a conversation, included in the summary and to which has had access, in which the councilor organizes a meeting in the same City Hall of the capital for Joakim and one of his collaborators.

The mayoress of Marbella tries to avoid her appearance in the Senate to explain her wealth increase


On October 30, 2019, in full judicial investigation of this delegation of the Swedish ‘mocromafia’, Joakim Broberg asked the Marbella councilor for help. Muñoz organized a meeting for Broberg with Félix Romero, deputy mayor, Muñoz’s right-hand man and spokesperson throughout the political crisis that the criminal investigation into the organization of her stepson and her husband, who is now deceased, has generated.

“Worth a kiss. Now I’m going to send him a message to remind him.” With these words, his stepmother ended the conversation with Joakim Broberg, alluding to Félix Romero, whom he recalled the meeting he had with Oleg Gurkov, a Russian citizen with a criminal record whom the Police considered a “front man” for Joakim Broberg, but against whom neither Neither the Prosecutor’s Office nor the court have considered that the investigations should be continued.

The Russian businessman needed to regularize a terrace of a leisure venue that he had in Marbella. It is possible that for this reason, Joakim believed that Félix Romero was responsible for Urbanism. Muñoz’s stepson alludes in the recording to Óscar and Mercedes López, two lawyers who worked for Gurkov.

The next day, Oleg Gurkov went to the City Hall to meet with the then deputy mayor and head of Finance, Commerce and Public Highways, Félix Romero, just as Ángeles Muñoz and his stepson had spoken before. There is evidence in another conversation that the UDEF agents intercepted and that they recorded in one of their reports.

At the end of the meeting, Joakim called his father, Lars Broberg, and told him: “Oleg left the meeting very happy and was very grateful to Titi and Félix.” Titi is the family nickname and that his circle uses to refer to Ángeles Muñoz. This conversation was also heard by the UDEF agents. What he was “very happy with” Oleg was the deal he got from the City Council thanks to Joakim.

The intermediation of the mayoress for businesses of Joakim Broberg or his partners was not punctual. Two months before the aforementioned conversation, there was another, on December 19, in which Muñoz interceded for a meeting between Gurkov, Joakim’s friend and partner, and Victoria Martín Lomeña, then the person in charge of Beaches at the Marbella City Council. Broberg went to take the mayor to dinner with his Russian partner. Muñoz preferred to leave Victoria for a work meeting with Oleg Gurkov.

In the audio, the mayoress of Marbella is heard telling her stepson: “Look, we are doing something. A meeting between Vicky, that Vicky already knows. Vicky and Oscar… when do you want? And then we have a meeting to explain what happened. When does Óscar want a meeting with Vicky? Oscar is Gurkov’s lawyer.

The National Court considers that Joakim Broberg led the structure of a Swedish ‘mocromafia’ group on the Costa del Sol, which directly participated in the transport of cannabis from Morocco and made available to the organization the twenty companies that it has at its disposal. name to launder the benefits of drug trafficking.

The police chief promises to “take care” of Joakim

In the audio that plays today there is also a reference to “José Eduardo” [Díaz Molina]. At that time, the historic collaborator of Ángeles Muñoz was the Security delegate in the Marbella Town Hall, in command of the municipal Police. Joakim phoned him because he wanted to offer him a candidate for an award of a local owned by the City Council.

The Security delegate corrected him and explained that “in this legislature” he was dedicated to the Municipal Police, “Security” and “Personal”. Broberg took the opportunity to request protection from the head of the Marbella Municipal Police, a close collaborator of his stepmother. “You take care of me, huh?” “That always,” he replied.

José Eduardo Díaz Molina appeared, together with the Mayor’s councilor, Chela Figueira, mentioned in an email from a former director of a media outlet who narrated how in 2015 both had paid for advertising in their media outlet with false invoices.

The three calls that appear in this information show the access that the defendant for drug trafficking and money laundering had to the municipal team led by his stepmother. These conversations, and others in which he boasts of the power of the PP in the area and how it benefits him for his business, were not enough for the Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office and the National High Court, which rejected the UDEF’s request to open a hotline. additional investigation for influence peddling, bribery and prevarication.

As a consequence of the decision of the Investigating Court number 6 of the National High Court, the Police did not include the conversations between Ángeles Muñoz and Joakim Broberg in their reports, although they were included raw in the chaotic summary of the case and they have had access now The Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office is more than five months late in presenting the indictment against Broberg.


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