The UCR legislators once again made clear their vocation to serve the reactionary goals of the libertarian government and, above all, of big business. This Thursday they presented their labor reform proposal to the Chief of Staff Nicolás Posse. It has little to envy of the reactionary plans of Milei, Sturzenegger, Caputo and company.

Rodrigo de Loredo, who presides over the “Radical Evolution” block within the Chamber of Deputies, stated in The congress. In this way he seeks to even go beyond the measures ordered by the judiciary to stop some of its most reactionary aspects. For De Loredo it is “This is the most necessary reform for the country.”

The UCR proposal, far from seeking a benefit for workers, seeks to advance a regressive transformation against all those who make a living from their work. Let’s see:

  • Substitute compensation mechanisms: establish by collective agreement a severance fund paid by the employer (with a contribution of up to 8% of remuneration) and give the option of a capitalization or insurance system to cover compensation.
  • Reduction of litigation: Repeal of articles and laws that complicate the current labor framework and encourage litigation, including aspects of Law No. 24,013, Law No. 25,013, Law No. 25,323, among others, and substantial reduction of fines. This measure aims to reduce litigation and reduce uncertainty about the hiring and dismissal costs caused by the determination of compensation in court.

    Like La Libertad Avanza, the UCR also seeks to end compensation, seeking to make it easier for employers to fire, so that they can do so almost without “costs”, to move to a labor termination system, following the UOCRA model, that is say a form of hidden precariousness.

  • Trial period: Extend the trial period to six months, with the possibility of terminating the employment relationship without the right to compensation, but with the obligation to give advance notice.

    Another measure that seeks to limit stable employment as much as possible, so that employers can have workers available for months and advance layoffs without paying any type of compensation.

  • Reduction of the tax burden on employment: Propose updating the deduction applicable to the tax base of employer contributions, linking it to the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Wage (SMVM), and up to 5 employees.
  • Education as an essential strategic service: Establish education in compulsory schooling cycles as a fundamental human right, limiting collective labor conflicts that put this right at risk

    Like Milei, the radicals seek to attack the right of teachers to organize and carry out forceful measures. “Limiting collective conflicts” can be translated as reducing the possibility of education workers being able to express their discontent and their claims forward, having to abide by what the authorities provide.

    These elements, presented as “modernization” are nothing other than the passing of the chainsaw on historical rights conquered throughout decades of struggle of the working class in Argentina. What they seek is to have a greater transfer of income into business hands, while allowing employers to exercise much greater control in the workplace over those who only live off their workforce.

    Far from constituting a true opposition or being able to trust their eventual positions in Congress, beyond the speeches on occasion, the UCR as a whole supports nodal points of the reactionary plan that the La Libertad Avanza government has been carrying out.

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