This Monday Javier Miley he started talking again. This afternoon was not in one of the main TV shows, which he usually attends every week to propagate his dollarization and adjustment plans at the service of big business. No. This afternoon the libertarian He dedicated himself to complaining: “In recent weeks various sources have confirmed what we already knew: there is a concerted decision between the political and economic establishmentor to try to stop the advance of our space”.

The economist’s complaint is somewhat extravagantat a minimum, when it is one of the candidates who has but hours on television, with one-on-one and in-depth interviews, to make clear their strong-arm proposals, against labor rights and against women’s rights. Or that there is any doubt about his categorical affirmations against the right to abortion? whatWhat would be the misrepresentation? What does the economist propose?, to take an example from his reactionary agenda.

Without self-confidence, he affirms that the red circle would be agreed to attack him, when he comes from being one of the main exhibitors in several of the select “summits” that this sector has been carrying out, such as the Llao Llao Forum or the IDEA Colloquium. Not to mention his closeness to the businessman Eduardo in Eurnekiaone of the most powerful businessmen in the country, or the recent integration into his list as head of economic advisers of Carlos Rodríguez, a former Cavallo official (if the establishment is not here, where is it?).

Precisely, Milei, a figure practically unknown a few years ago, grew in the heat of the air that the big media gave her to go rightward on the political agenda: individualism, meritocracy, privatization, defense of the Menem heritage, dollarization. And this continues, even despite the meager results that Milei has been having in the different provinces for now.

Milei’s tweets reach the absurdity of proposing an alleged conspiracy even on Twitter and other social networks:

There are extensive discussions about the use of social networks and the operation of algorithms. But the proposal is delusional, due to the aforementioned, and since none other than the American tycoon Elon Musk, with ideas that have nothing to envy those of Milei, the owner of this social network.

While mercy is permanently summoned to the mediaanother is the case of sectors of the left or social movements and of workers, permanently stigmatized by the media at times when they take actions of fight in the streets to claim before the adjustment or for your rights. In these cases, however, unlike the privileges of the libertarian, these sectors have few opportunities to have the right to reply and explain in depth the reasons for their fights.

Milei ended her long thread of tweets with another one of her somewhat hotheaded outbursts.

It is seen that when contrasting ideas or having to justify the real social consequences of their economic plans, the economist gets into trouble and hence his nervousness, when different sectors question his ideas. Because he justify the consequences of a drastic devaluation such as the one that an attempt to dollarize would imply, or his announcements of drastically cutting state spending, with his balance of unemployment and adjustment in health and educationamong others, can hardly be banked, even by a large part of those who today for different reasons are inclined to vote for Milei, although without knowing this background program.

The vice-presidential candidate for the Left Front – Unity, Nicholas del Cañoresponded to the virtual cries of the libertarian.

Beyond the crocodile cries of this rake, it’s more important than ever bring to light and fight their adjustment program towards the great majorities and from which, if applied, the only beneficiaries would be the sectors of that economic establishment that Milei says “attacks” him.


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