The AEX price rose to a brand new all-time high today. At the time of writing, there is a rate of 923.27 points on the boards. It has been a fantastic year for the Amsterdam stock exchange so far.

In 2024, the largest index in the Netherlands had already risen by 16.77%.

Special day for the AEX

The Amsterdam stock exchange index is doing well in 2024. Not only is a new all-time high on the agenda today. The European Central Bank (ECB) is also likely to implement the first interest rate cut today since it started the fight against inflation in 2022.

The Eurozone economy seems to be slowly recovering, stock prices are rising, Bitcoin is creeping up and the ECB is starting to cut interest rates.

In addition, the elections for the European Parliament are also scheduled for today. It promises to be a busy day at the markets.

At the moment there seems to be a problem for the financial markets. In America it is also a celebration for NVIDIA, which officially reached a market cap of $3 trillion yesterday.

ASML lifts the AEX

The Dutch ASML, an important player in the chip market, showed a spectacular price increase yesterday. This increase was the result of good news about the company’s order development.

After the stock exchange closed in the Netherlands, the share continued to celebrate in the United States. On Wall Street, the share managed to rise by another 1.5% after the close in the Netherlands.

Over the past five trading days, ASML has increased by almost 9%, while the AEX has had to make do with an increase of almost 2%.

So it is also the tech companies in the Netherlands that are pulling the cart at the moment. Particularly companies active in the chip market.

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