Since reaching a new all-time high on May 23, the AEX price has started a significant dive. Today too, the AEX is down 0.29% and the index is in the red by 2.68 points. Why is the AEX in trouble at the moment?

AEX cannot maintain positive momentum

It is not surprising at all that the AEX is currently having some difficulty maintaining its positive momentum. After reaching the all-time high on May 23, there are logically some traders who take their profits on the Dutch index.

By the way, it is not only the AEX that is in trouble today.

Bitcoin, gold and the European stock market index also plunged into the red today. This appears to be a negative day for the financial markets, in the run-up to the crucial inflation data next Friday.

On Friday it will be America’s turn again to publish the US central bank’s favorite inflation gauge. It seems that the market is waiting for those figures to make the next “decision” on its price.

For now, the bull market is on pause.

NVIDIA continues to rise

The only stock that shows no sign of stopping at the moment is NVIDIA. After the strong quarterly figures of Q1 2024, the share shot up further and is once again at an all-time high.

Measured from the beginning of the year, the AEX is up 15.65%, but the major NVIDIA can record an increase of 130%. These are figures that virtually no asset can match at the moment.

There are probably some very small stocks that are doing better, but for a company of the size of NVIDIA this is incredible. Where is this going to end? Is NVIDIA at its peak or are we only at the beginning of the AI ​​revolution and will the company rise much further?

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