The AEX rate has started the last trading day of the week strongly. At the time of writing, there is an increase of 0.57% on the boards and the Amsterdam stock market index enters at 930.39 points. With that, we are still in the all-time high range and we are waiting for a decision.

The decision for the AEX this afternoon?

That decision could well come this afternoon for the AEX. That is when the PCE Price Index is scheduled in the United States.

That is the most important inflation gauge of all, because this is the inflation gauge on which the Federal Reserve (US central bank) largely determines its policy.

If, as with the CPI and the PPI, we get a score that is lower than expected, this could give the AEX a boost. That would make room for the Federal Reserve to implement the first interest rate cut in September.

At 2:30 PM Dutch time we will receive the data and the market will react to it immediately. So there have been a few exciting hours for the AEX.

‘Usual suspects’ are pulling the AEX up

Among the larger stocks, ASML, ASMI and Besi pulled the Dutch stock market higher, each rising 1% in the early trading hours of Friday, June 28.

Shell also did well with a gain of just under 1% on the last trading day of the weigh. Adyen is doing less well today and is down 0.7%.

Air France-KLM is doing less well today. Shares of the Dutch pride in aviation fell by more than 5% today.

The aviation industry has been in a difficult period since mid-May and there seems to be no end in sight for the time being.

In that respect, they could also use lower inflation scores there today.


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