The AEX price started again with a decline today and has completely lost its positive momentum. Is this the moment that we see a cautious rotation from stocks to Bitcoin again?

AEX price development 2024. Source: Tradingview

Rotation from stocks to Bitcoin?

The huge hype surrounding artificial intelligence has made stocks extremely popular this year. Nvidia shot up by over 150% and the AEX is also up 17.46% for this year, thanks in part to ASML.

Now the hype around artificial intelligence seems to be dying down or at least consolidating. Could this be a moment when investors transfer some of their profits to an investment like Bitcoin?

Bitcoin reached its all-time high in March, but then ran into troubled waters. Since then, the digital currency has not been able to regain its bullish momentum, while the AEX and other major stock market indices continued to rise.

Now stocks are stagnating a bit and it could well be that investors are switching again. Bitcoin has gained a few percent in the past few days.

Inflation in the Eurozone

New inflation figures for the Eurozone were also on the agenda for today.

The first estimate of core inflation (Core CPI) in the Eurozone came in slightly higher than expected at 2.9%. We speak of core inflation when it comes to the CPI minus the price increases for food and energy.

Food and energy tend to be somewhat more volatile than other commodities, making it more effective for central banks to use core inflation as a basis for their policy decisions.

Now it is higher, which could possibly influence the ECB’s interest rate policy if a trend develops here. It is possible that the AEX is under some pressure today.


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