The adjustment continues against the workers. This was confirmed again this Tuesday by the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni. He did so by announcing that the Ministry of Human Capital had agreed lowers 758 contracts and there were another 6,400 “under review”.

The spokesperson’s arguments are part of the false discourse of “resource optimization”. Thus, at the conference he stated that “the Ministry of Human Capital itself undertook a resource optimization plan, which will have two stages. A first stage where $8.3 billion will be saved during 2024. A second stage where an additional $16.85 billion will be saved. This includes the cancellation of 758 contracts and there are another 6,400 contracts under review.”

The official discourse attempts to present a scenario in which this type of adjustment is necessary. Could not be farther from the truth. There are resources. The problem is that They are in the hands of big businessmen those that the Government does not want to touch.

For example, the large employers of the countryside and the large cereal companies that they export. This sector lobbied and managed to get the government to remove from the Omnibus Law the fiscal chapter that contained withholdings on exports.

Or the big employers that they receive million-dollar subsidies and exemptions from the national State. An amount that some estimates calculate at close to 4 points of GDP. Those benefits are not touched. Milei himself considers them “acquired rights.” Among those privileged is the Caputo Groupwho answers to the cousin of the current Minister of Economy and is the “lifelong friend” of Mauricio Macri.

What the official management demonstrates is that The adjustment is not being paid for by “caste” or “politics”. Working people and the impoverished middle class are paying for it.

That is why it is necessary confront and defeat this adjustment policy. We must mobilize massively against the Omnibus Law, the mega DNU and the repressive protocol. The CGT has to call for a national strike again that it be part of a fight plan, as demanded in numerous neighborhood assemblies. Only in this way can this adjustment be seriously faced.


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