The union denounced the recent dismissals and various intimidating actions by the firm against the workers. The measurement will be carried out on Monday, March 11, for 24 hours and only minimum guards will operate for emergencies.

From SGBATOS (Greater Buenos Aires Union of Sanitary Works Workers) they assure that since the inauguration of Javier Milei they have been asking for a meeting with the Government and they were not received. The dismissals are an arbitrary and persecutory decision by the authorities.

In the face of this brutal attack, workers need a true plan of struggle for the reinstatement of all those dismissed and the cessation of political persecution.

Lingeri assured that the Government is “suffocating” Aysa since it is the largest consumer of electricity in the AMBA and the electricity increases impact the company’s costs.

Let us remember that the company intends increases of more than 200% added to monthly increases. On the last Wednesday of March, the public hearing will be held to define the new tariff table that will govern from April.

It is urgent that the union confederations call for a plan of struggle to confront the layoffs, tariffs and the entire government adjustment plan.


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