The internal board of the Association of State Workers (ATE) of the former Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity reported that at the end of the working day on Friday, June 28, they began sending emails with notice of layoffs for 80% of its workers.

Mass layoffs are equivalent to the scrapping of public gender policies of the National State.

The affected programs are: line 144, which assists women and LGBT people who go through situations of sexist violence, Comprehensive Assistance in Femicide and Transvesticides, Homes and Shelters, Accompany, Produce, Prevention and Training, Transvestite Program, Micaela Law, Schools Popular, Accompaniment to diversities, Care Policies, Equality and the list goes on.

The dismissals of workers with precarious contracts increase the ranks of poverty and unemployment. Added to this is the abandonment of women and LGBT people throughout the country, in addition to non-compliance with national regulations and international commitments on the matter.


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